Bray Wyatt Wants To Face The Undertaker

Bray Wyatt sat down with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald recently to discuss WWE 2K15. In addition to all the facets of the new video game, The Eater of Worlds talked about one of his biggest career goals…to wrestle against The Undertaker. Here is that part of the article…

When you think of pillars of the industry, there are none respected more than The Undertaker. Wyatt refers to the Phenom as “the holy grail.”

“Bray Wyatt versus The Undertaker would be the greatest I could accomplish,” he said. “Just being there side-by-side with him. I get the comparisons, but we are also very different. He is ‘The Deadman.’ He will always be ‘The Deadman,’ and I’m Bray Wyatt. When or if, or when we shall meet, it will be every bit of everything I thought it would be.”

While this would definitely be a dream match, it might be wishful thinking. Taker is on the back-end of his career and only seems to be on a one match per year schedule. Will Bray get his shot? Will he have to wait his turn after (potentially) Sting? Time will tell but this author is crossing his fingers.

In other Wyatt news, it seems that Bray’s creepy crew of misfits has found interest in Hollywood. The Soska twins, who have made “See No Evil 2” and “Vendetta” through WWE Studios, sent out this tweet on Monday…

If WWE would go forward with a Wyatt movie, let’s hope that it captures the feel of all those fantastic vignettes that get made for the Wyatts. And maybe a real background story can be given to the Sister Abigail character.



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One thought on “Bray Wyatt Wants To Face The Undertaker”

  1. I am Big Fan Of Dead Man Under Taker I Always Watch Closely Under Taker Wrestling.
    My Faviortte wrestler is Under Taker I was 12 Year Old when i see ist wrestling of under taker.
    Under Taker Special Entry Syle in Ring Always Asswmw I like It Very.
    Many Of Compition But Under Taker And Great Khali …uff…….Both are Fearfull Wrestler
    A also See the pool Result in Great Khali Vs Under Taker
    Wrestlingvid Lattest wrestling video


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