Cesaro Wants To Unify U.S. and Intercontinental Titles

WWE ran through Canada last night through the fine city of Toronto. Cesaro, who was challenging Sheamus for his United States Championship at that event, gave comments to SLAM! Wrestling in preparation for his big match. Here are some highlights…

His plans after winning the U.S. Championship (which he did not do)…

“My next goal would be to win the Intercontinental Championship and then combine those titles.”

On what the U.S. Championship means to him…

“That is the first title that I ever won in the WWE so I always hold it in very high regard. Many Hall of Famers have held the United States Championship so to me it means quite a bit. A win means I would be a champion of the United States of America and they need a good role model like myself.”

On his match with Sheamus at Night Of Champions…

“When you are in the ring with Sheamus, it is always going to be hard-hitting. I knew what I was getting into but I know he got the worst of it. He just managed to get lucky in the end.”

On what the biggest weakness is for the Swiss Superman…

“The problem is I am so good, I bring out the best in my opponents. Sometimes they are able to do things they would have never done before. My greatness is my own Kryptonite.”

Much of what he says is to be received in an obviously snarky tone. He’s the bad guy who is arrogant and full of himself, so kudos to him to keeping character. While I am hoping for a serious Cesaro main event push, I’ve been thankful for the quality of matches that he’s been giving the WWE Universe as of late. That Night Of Champions match has been regarding as the match of the night by many pro-wrestling fans.

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