Hacksaw Update: Duggan in Hamilton, Canada

Are you upset over WWE’s recent apology of Big Show’s desecration of the Russian flag? Do you wish Mark Henry would’ve manned up and Jack Swagger would’ve taken that Accolade not like a little girl and showed the Bulgarian Brute who’s boss? America needs a hero…a REAL hero. I am talking about none other than “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

If you’re like me then you occasionally wonder what is going on in the life of the original Royal Rumble winner. Never fear, I have scoured over social media to give an official Hacksaw Update. Currently, he is in the Convention Center in Hamilton, Canada, along with a slew of other former wrestlers. There’s a Canadian version of a Comic Con happening right now and Duggan wants to make sure they’re not up to anything nefarious.

This “Legends of Wrestling Reunion” promises autographs, photos, and meet and greets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Duggan wasn’t using this international trip as an excuse to build a “Coalition of the Willing.” According to a recent Facebook post, he seems to have found allies in Tugboat and a creeping looking Aussie.

In other Hacksaw news, he’s launched a new website over at HacksawDuggan.com. Not only will you be greeted with a background of Old Glory in the background, you will also notice a youtube video of his awesome theme music prominently displayed.

Head on over to his site and while you’re there, spend the 25 bucks (in American money) and get a personalized message from Mr. Duggan. Mitch Nickelson doesn’t get any kickbacks for that shill, I just do it because I think that he’s the man.

– – – – –

To keep up with all things Mitch, follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. I’ve been trying to get my feet wet with podcasting, too. Check out my most recent episode of Mitch and Al Radio (Click on that player below!) and don’t forget to tune in next week. I get the opportunity to interview Amazing Kong and I’m pretty stoked about it. Take care.


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