Dean Ambrose Interview Highlights (He Likes Hank Williams)

This Saturday night in Trenton, NJ, everyone’s favorite Lunatic Fringe will take on The Big Red Machine in a WWE House Show. Before his big non-televised match with Kane, Dean Ambrose gave an interview with to promote the event. Here are some highlights of it.

His strategy, or lack thereof, against Kane…

“I’ll be swinging, kicking, biting, scratching and clawing everything in my path – and Kane will be in my path,” he said. “It’s not rocket science what my strategy has to be in a match like this. I have to throw punches until I can’t throw punches anymore. I have to really swing for the fences from bell to bell.”

How he prepares for his matches…

“I listen to some Hank Williams before I go out,” Ambrose said. “I tell some jokes. I have fun. I don’t waste too much energy thinking about it – I like to save that all for the ring. The calmest part of my day is right before a match.”

Go ahead and click HERE to read the full interview. And if you’re near the event, go check it out because WWE house shows are usually a blast. While I didn’t see them advertised for this event, you just might luck out and see Slater Gator in action.

– – – –

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