Steve Austin Shills Pork In Funny Wendy’s Ad

austin bbq

While this site is no way endorsed by or affiliated with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ralph Macchio, or Wendy’s, this ad is very funny and worth sharing…

Mitch’s personal reflections on the content of this commericial…

  • I worked for about a year as an Assistant Manager of a Wendy’s. Highly stressful job, but still love the food.
  • I listen to every edition of Steve Austin’s podcast, both the family friendly and the uncensored versions. I also find it funny that’s his credentials are listed as “Professional Champion.”
  • Carlton was awesome on Fresh Prince. The only thing that sucked about the show was that when it aired in the 90s it went head-to-head against wrestling on Monday nights…during the Monday night wars! Mondays were glorious in the 90s, kids.
  • I’ve never watched all of The Karate Kid. That Macchio guy seems okay, I guess.
  • Pulled Pork Barbecue is fantastic. They will most likely serve it in Heaven.

Did you listen to last week’s edition of SBP Wrestling? If not, click play on this link below. Episode #4 should be recorded tonight and will be ready for listening by the end of the week.

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