Jim Ross Speculates on Lesnar vs. Punk at Wrestlemania 31

The legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross has come up with one huge money-maker for next year’s Wrestlemania. While he is not close to the booking in WWE in any capacity, he proposed on his blog the idea of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar going toe-to-toe with none other than CM Punk. Here’s what he had to say…

“I wonder what the chance would be to see a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar WM31 WWE Title Bout? Stranger things have happened and that pairing would guarantee WWE a ton of new subscribers and likely ignite the PPV marketplace as well.”

Brock Lesnar has been very well-booked as a special attraction. His infrequent bookings have shielded the former UFC Heavyweight Champion from overexposure. Ever since his defeat of The Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania, his stock has shot through stratospheric levels.

CM Punk returning would definitely require a “stranger things have happened” kind of scenario. Ever since his leave from WWE earlier this year, there seems to be no signs whatsoever that he has any intention of returning. What would it take for MIA Straight Edge Superstar to step inside a WWE squared circle?

“Communication and money solve many ills and that would be a terrific main event considering that as it stands today WWE has major work to do in assembling what looks to be more of an ensemble card than one that is one or two main event heavy at this time. I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to see a Lesnar-Punk headliner at WM31 because it equates to big money for all involved.”

While I agree with Ross that communication and money will ultimately bring Punk back, I do not see a return anytime in the near future. This author would bank on a multi-year absence by Punk, minimum. But stranger things have indeed happened, so it doesn’t hurt to speculate on this fantastic moment of fantasy booking. Their match at Summerslam 2013 was one of the best matches of that year, the WWE could easily sell a follow-up to it.

Stephanie McMahon was asked about Punk reconciling with WWE in a recent interview with WGNTV.com. Her answer was more of a non-answer, but at least the company seems to be refraining from shutting doors…

“CM Punk is an incredible character. We’ve had a lot of fun with him and who knows what the future holds.”


While this is all just speculation at best, when do you see Punk returning to WWE? Or will he ever? Comment below with your thoughts.

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