Ken Shamrock Speaks On Why He Never Won The WWF Title

Ken Shamrock was a standout performer during the famed Attitude Era. Finding early success in UFC, he brought legitimacy to professional wrestling much like Brock Lesnar does to the current era.

Shamrock was quite the presence during his time in WWE. He was an Intercontinental Champion and a Tag Team Champion (with Big Boss Man). Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him #8 among their list of Top 500 Singles Wrestlers in 1998. He even won the acclaimed King of the Ring for that same year.

Despite all of his accomplishments in wrestling, he never found himself achieving the richest prize in his company, the WWF Heavyweight Championship (as it was known during his days). It’s a little odd that he never did become champion; he even challenged for it on four separate occasions, according to this writer’s research. In a recent interview posted to Youtube, Ken discusses his take on why he never carried the belt…

“I know Bret Hart had talked to me about it a few times. He had the belt at the time and he was going to drop it to me. He had discussions about it. The Rock was going to move up (the card) and I was going to move up and challenge for the belt. But The Rock went ahead of me, which was fine, he was a great worker…..I’ll work my way up and I’ll get a shot myself….I just figured that I would be right behind him. He captured the belt…..the matches we had (previously) were main event material, and were the main event a few times, and so I really believed that that opportunity would come, but I never did. But as we know, there’s politics in everything, and I never did (get the shot). I have no idea why that decision was made.”

To hear the full interview, check it out in the embedded player below…

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