Classic Promo of the Week: D-X Parodies The Nation

(Author’s note: I’ve shifted this series over to, the other site I write for. So I typically delay this series. On top of that, I forgot to post this last week. Oops. So expect another entry in this series in the next day or so.)

Welcome to the second edition of Classic Promo of the Week. This is the series where both the famous and infamous monologues of yesteryear get dissected for our pleasure. Wrestling nostalgia runs wild in this series, I hope you’re stoked for it.

Last week, we looked at the amusing beginnings of Triple H’s career in WCW. He was an aristocratic Frenchman named Jean Paul Levesque and a far cry from being anything close to The Game that would later be adored. This week’s promo still includes Mr. Levesque, but it comes from a much better remembered time in his career.

Thanks to a suggestion from TJR reader Strong Bad, this week’s Classic Promo is none other than the hilarious Nation of Domination parody by everyone’s favorite group of reprobates, Degeneration-X. This segment aired on the July 6th, 1998 edition of Raw. Click on the Youtube link below and relive this classic segment…

Road Dogg’s parody of D-Lo Brown still cracks me up every time. Triple H was spot on with his Rock impression as well. This was a highly entertaining era of the business that saw two wrestling icons (Triple H and The Rock) frequently verbally and physically sparring against each other along with their factions.

While most of this skit would be funny in any era of wrestling, there’s one thing I’d like to point out that might not happen outside of the wild and crazy Attitude Era…Sean Waltman in blackface.

While I’m in no way accusing Sean or the WWE of racism with this makeup choice, it’s just worth pointing out how un-PC the 1990s were at times. I don’t even remember any backlash at the time from this, but I couldn’t imagine this happening today without controversy. Plus, his “Hey, Hey, Hey…” line was hilarious.

Another funny part of this skit was the random guy who parodied Owen Hart. I remember watching this as a kid and immediately wondering who that skinny dude with the prosthetic nose was. Well, the man covered in yellow caution tap was a comedian named Jason Sensation. I don’t personally know him from any work other than this D-X parody, but apparently he had at least one other appearance in WWE mocking Owen…

Of all of the bad attempts at humor that WWE has put out of the years, this promo will be remembered as one of the times where they got it right. If you want a more in-depth look at this moment and a more complete story of Degeneration-X during the 1990s, look no further than the WWE Network. The Monday Night Wars has an episode focusing on D-X and their role during that era.

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