Damien Sandow Praised By Mick Foley

After last year’s unsuccessful Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in by Damien Sandow (against then-World Champ John Cena), many wrestling fans groaned about what they expected to be the demise of Damien Sandow. Ever the optimist, Mick Foley had a different take on the situation. He immediately took to social media and made this call in October of 2013…

“THAT WAS AWESOME! Who else found themselves being swept up in the wave of excitement that IS @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW Way to go Damien! Come on all you #DebbieDowners out there – what happened to @TheDamienSandow was FAR from a burial! It was the dawning of the age of Sandow! One year from today, I will remind all of you that I declared October 28,2013 as the dawning of the age of @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW”

While I don’t disagree with Foley that the match against Cena was extremely exciting, it’s hard to say that his call proved right. After his time carrying the briefcase, Sandow faded into the meaninglessness of the midcard without anything substantial on the horizon.

Then, things got weird for Sandow when he started donning extremely baffling costumes on an almost weekly basis during the spring and summer of this year. Some were highly entertaining (Mr. McMahondow), yet some were real head-scratchers. Case in point…

While all of this seemed like some cruel joke that was being portrayed on the poor Sandow, he finally started feeling like a somewhat useful talent again when he found the perfect character to copy, The Miz. His mannerisms have hysterically patterned after the self-proclaimed Hollywood star. Sandow even offered logical reasoning on a recent MizTV segment for why he’s currently shadowing Miz. He expects his devotion to Miz to lead to an Intercontinental Championship match, should Miz finally upend Dolph Ziggler. Here’s his most recent example of method acting, from Tuesday night’s Main Event…

Whether this comedy bit needs to be associated with the historic Intercontinental Championship is a separate conversation, but I can’t help but feel happy for Sandow. He’s had a terrible year since holding a briefcase that made him the defacto number one contender. Now that he has regular television time in a continuing story I feel like I can see light at the end his tunnel. This logically will lead to a feud with The Miz, so he even has some short term booking before him. Things are finally looking up for the guy.

Going to back to Mick Foley’s take on Damien, he offered these comments recently on Facebook…

I see Foley as being just a little over-positive on his take of Damien’s career, but I do agree with him that Sandow can take whatever is given to him and turn it into something very special. I’m not sure that this is the greener pastures that Sandow deserves, but it is a far cry better than where he was six months ago. Will Sandowmania ever truly run wild? Offer up your thoughts in the comments on if you agree with Mick or not.

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2 thoughts on “Damien Sandow Praised By Mick Foley”

  1. I’m expecting him to go on the up. So long as he carries on what he’s doing as Damien Mizdow, he should be able to climb that ladder from the very bottom and win back the massive momentum he lost.

    Sandow is a grade A talent. He doesn’t have an expansive move-pool like some wrestlers: He has a few moves that he does to perfection. I’m a fan, I want more Sandow on the screen!

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    1. I’m a fan too. It bummed me out that he won Money in the Bank and it never materialized into a title reign. But he’s FINALLY in a positive role, so good for him. And to have legends like Mick Foley constantly praising him helps his cause as well.

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