WWE 2K15 Gameplay Trailer Will Air On Monday Night Raw

Remember those cryptic Tweets that Sting posted a few months back that everything speculated on and on about? Remember how he put the date of an upcoming Monday Night Raw without an explanation?  Well, he’s doing it again…

While the last time this happened didn’t lead to a live appearance of Sting on WWE programming, it did give us a really cool promotional video for the upcoming WWE 2K15 game. I’m sure you’ve seen it more than enough by now, but here it is again, because it’s awesome…

So if you think that this cryptic Tweet, just like the last one, is more than likely referring to WWE 2K15 and not anything else, it looks like you are right. The official Twitter account of @WWEgames has confirmed this for us…

While we’re already piecing together a not too difficult puzzle, it’s probably safe to say that this Tweet also refers to the same video game…

Speculation about the above tweet has abounded that maybe it’ll refer to some of the amazing talent of NXT becoming main roster guys, but the video game connection is too big of a lock. The biggest stretch I can figure is that maybe the NXT guys will get big features on the game as well. But, there’s only one way to find out and that’s by watching Raw on Monday night.

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