Main Event Review for September 17th, 2014

Welcome to the Mitch Nickelson review of WWE Main Event, the show that is the apple of the WWE Network’s Tuesday night’s eye. Tonight’s show comes to us from Biloxi, Mississippi. Byron Saxton and Michael Cole are our announcers.

I don’t know of anything announced for this show, but since it’s the week of a Pay-Per-View I figure that there will be plenty of Night Of Champions building. As usually, I watch and write a recap as I go along. I don’t get too in-depth, but I make sure to cover the major stuff, adding in my opinion along the way. At the end, I wrap things up with a spiffy Final Thoughts section. Let’s get to the show.

Dolph Ziggler & R-Ziggler vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow

This is a good way to kick off the show. When coming to the ring, The Miz touched a fan and Damien was there with hand sanitizer to cleanse him from the filth of the unwashed masses. I love the antics of those guys and it makes me happy to find Sandow to be a part of an entertaining, somewhat meaningful role these days.

R-Truth should be given credit as well. At one point, him and Ziggler did a tandem strut and hair toss that was well-choreographed. I wasn’t rooting for Truth to be given more opportunities before this, but I’m glad he’s also momentarily out of his own career rut. You could argue that everyone involved in this angle is experiencing a career revival of sorts. Every single one of them was stuck in storyline purgatory just six months ago.

Miz and Mizdow worked well as a team. R-Ziggler would play the face in peril for the bulk of this match as his opponents would let him get close to tagging Dolph, then stopping him with a Drop Toe Hold and dragging him away from his corner again.

They built to the hot tag well and Dolph came with an intensity when he finally got into the ring. He connected with the Famouser but Miz scored the kickout on 2. Miz went for a Figure Four, but Miz rolled him up for only a 2 as well. R-Ziggler got back in the ring and attempted a Jumping DDT just like Dolph does. He pulled it off well. The finish came when Miz connected with The Scull Crushing Finale on R-Ziggler. Good opener.

Winners by pinfall: The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Damien copying The Miz as he’s celebrating on the ropes is funny. As Miz waves his hand in front of The Moneymaker, Mizdow does the same…one step behind, of course.

A graphic pops up telling us that Seth Rollins will take on Big E tonight.

Renee Young Interviews Seth Rollins Backstage

Seth Rollins, who takes on Roman Reigns this Sunday at Night of Champions, is asked if his loss on Raw to Roman Reigns would be considered a setback. Seth talked about how he’s a man of opportunity. He’s going to use his match with Big E tonight to prove that brains triumphs over brawn every time. Boos could be heard from the crowd as he finished his interview.

Brie Bella vs. Cameron

Renee Young interviewed Nikki earlier in the day and asked her why she recently attacked her sister unprovoked. Her hat was really spikey, which might be the big takeaway from this. She ended the interview by saying that after her win at Night of Champions, everyone will be kissing her “voluptuous derriere.”

The girls scream a lot during the match. That’s not unordinary, but I noticed it more in this match. The crowd busted out a huge “Yes” chant in the middle of the match. Cameron did that split where she pinned her opponent. She screamed “Yeah, I know!” during the pin, possibly a reference to when she pinned a face-down opponent with the same move on Raw.

Brie Bella was able to connect with an X-Factor (shout out to Sean Waltman). She pinned Cameron successfully after that.

Winner by pinfall: Brie Bella

The first big recap segment of the night is played and it’s to promote Lesnar vs. Cena at Night Of Champions. The dominance of Lesnar at Summerslam is highlighted as well as Heyman’s subsequent attempts to turn Cena to the dark side over the past few weeks.

After the video package, Michael Cole explains that his weekly interview will be with Brock Lesnar this week. There’s a reminder of Chris Jericho being Christian’s guest on the “Peep Show” at the Night Of Champions Kickoff Show.

Seth Rollins vs. Big E

The match opens with a big “You Sold Out” chant from the crowd. The crowd also seems to respond well to Big E. At one point, he caught Seth Rollins in the air and toyed with him as he repeatedly drove his knee into Seth’s side. The audience was on their feet in support of him. Big E took Seth out of the ring and dominated him. Brawn was winning over brain for a while. Big E pressed Seth high above his head and threw him through the second rope back into the ring. Seth started regaining momentum with a dive to the outside before a commercial break.

Back from break and Seth is still in control. He works the methodical holds like when he drives his boot into the side of Big E’s head against the ropes. The referee scolds him for the move but Seth tells him that he has a 5 count and he’s going to use it.

The crowd rallies for Big E as he tries to power back into the match. By the time he hits a Belly-To-Belly Suplex he really had a lot of excitement going. He was able to get a splash onto Seth but only got a 2 count when he pinned. Big E did that awesome spot where he Speared his opponent through the ropes to the outside. I don’t think I’ve seen that since his fights with Rusev.

Back in the ring and Big E pulled down his singlet straps to signal that he’s going to try for The Big Ending. Rollins was near the ropes and was able to pull himself out of the move. He kicked Big E in the head to stop him. Rollins ran Big E into the corner, shoulder first. This set him up to be a recipient of Seth’s Curb Stomp. Seth pinned Big E for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Seth Rollins

Seth grabbed his briefcase to celebrate his victory. He pointed to his head to remind everyone that brains beats brawn. The show closes as Michael Cole and Byron Saxton hype up of Night Of Champions, this Sunday on the WWE Network.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

This was a solid hour of wrestling. Definitely an above-average show. The opening tag match was great. All four guys look like they’re having fun with the material they’re being given and I think they’re superb. I expect Dolph to retain this Sunday, but you never know. There’s a ton of great matchups that can be formed after the Night Of Champions fallout. Maybe all four guys will be pitted against each other next month?

The Brie Bella and Cameron match was the weakest bout, but Cameron remembered that the back has to be on the ground during pinfalls so there were no goof-ups tonight. Brie isn’t in the Diva’s Title match this Sunday but it’s safe to say that she’ll play a role.

Seth Rollins and Big E worked a great match together. The brains vs. brawn story was simple and well-told. Big E was given time to dominate and the crowd supported him well. Seth would use the ropes and manipulated 5 counts to gain the advantage. Sometimes matches can be way over-thought but this was a basic formula that was so easy to get behind.

The fluff was also kept to minimal tonight. It seems like WWE used this hour to promote Night Of Champions. Good for them, it made this show seem relevant.

That’s it for me this week. Did you like the show tonight? Did it help to promote Night Of Champions? Shoot me your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll discuss it. Also, follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson. You can find even more Mitch at Thanks for reading.

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