Is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Back With WWE?

According to Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline, WWE is in the process of rolling out new Steve Austin merchandise. That info coupled with the fact that Kevin Nash’s appearance on Austin’s podcast was specifically mentioned on Monday Night Raw and the WWE Universe is now hoping for the best. Will the Texas Rattlesnake make an appearance on WWE programming in the near future?

On August 29th, I reported about “Salty Language” that Hulk Hogan used against Stone Cold in an interview with Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 FM. Hulk Hogan has been not shy about the fact that he wants one last match on a big stage. Hogan has thrown around both Cena and Austin’s names for possible contenders.

hogan austin

Will Steve Austin step back into the ring? While that scenario is still filed in the Highly Unlikely category, never say never is always the credo of the wrestling world. One scenario that is likely is that Austin could host a revamped Tough Enough series for the WWE Network. The show, which seemed like a definite when the Network launched, has been indefinitely delayed due to budget cuts. If WWE can get behind relaunching the show, Austin would be a shoe-in for potential hosts.

Austin’s last appearance with WWE was a fun promo at the start of Wrestlemania XXX with The Rock and Hulk Hogan. Will he appear back on WWE programming in the near future?  What do you think? Leave your comments below with your thoughts and I’ll discuss with you. In the meantime, remember to follow me on Twitter @MithNickelson for all the lastest Mitch updates.


4 thoughts on “Is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Back With WWE?”

  1. Everything seems to be slipping together with Stone Cold and the WWE. You mentioned that little advert, which I too thought “Well now, that’s strange..!”

    There was also his Wrestlemania appearance, which too suggests WWE and SCSA are all cool with one another.

    I think he’s gonna step back in the ring at some point. Even if just for a little while!

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    1. Hopefully if he does return for one more match it’s against a good worker who can carry him to the match that he deserves. If faces Hogan then I don’t see it being good at all. Maybe I’m wrong, but both are WAY past their prime and I think they’d have a hard time not looking bad.


      1. I’d be kinda disappointed to see him come back just to have a match with Hogan. It’s almost like it’s too “safe” after WM30.

        I’d like to see more of the oldies go against the new guys and have a mutual sign of respect, so I’d like to see him go against someone like Cesaro for some reason.

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