Mitch and Al Radio: Night Of Champions Preview

Welcome to another new podcast series, Mitch and Al Radio! Mitch Nickelson (me) and Al N. Jaxson are the two guys who started this site and it’s been a goal of ours from the beginning to get a podcast with the two of us launched. Today, that goal is realized.

Go ahead and click on the player above to start the podcast. The bulk of this episode is spent previewing the upcoming Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. Also, there’s some good trivia about Kamala, so that’s pretty cool as well.

Comment below with your thoughts on this new podcast. If you have questions that you’d like us to answer on future episodes, leave those below as well. We’ll make sure to answer then on air.

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to doing this again next week! Don’t forget to check out my other podcast, SBP Wrestling, in the meantime. And keep up with all things Mitch through Twitter @MitchNickelson.


2 thoughts on “Mitch and Al Radio: Night Of Champions Preview”

  1. “Eric Harper and Luke Rowan. Luke Rowan and Eric Harper” Guys 😛 It’s Luke Harper and Eric Rowan hehe.

    But seriously, great podcast. My “predictions” (or at least wants!)

    – Roman Reigns v Seth Rollins – Rollins win via interference DQ (Ambrose return filled with emotions accidently screws Reigns out of the win)

    – Henry v Rusev – Rusev win via accolade. I’d like Henry to finish the streak, but I think Rusev will keep it.

    – Orton v Jericho – Orton win clean (RKO finish likely)

    – Usos v Star/Gold – Usos retain… Ascension are coming!!!

    – Triple Threat Divas Match – Paige retain to help really kick her off as a dominant female on the roster

    – Sheamus v Cesaro – I think we might see an upset, Cesaro wins! You say Cesaro had one of the weakest times of his career with the US title, but I actually was rooting for -everyone- to go against him. I think Cesaro’s US run was awesome, but personal opinion there! It showcased him and elevated him. (Was also a very long run!)

    – Miz v Ziggler – Ziggler retain clean. Period… Unless Damien Mizdow gets involved and sets up the next PPV a triple threat (or even fatal four way with R Ziggler, too)

    – Cena v Lesnar – Lesnar wins dirty (oooh~). I say he wins dirty because Cena’s getting anger-faced and is becoming Cena-Beast to beat the Beast. So, Lesnar pulls out all the stops to get the win.

    My personal opinions on it right there 🙂 Great job on the podcast guys!


  2. Haha, I realized when I was editing it that my correction of him was still wrong. Ooops. Couldn’t really do anything about then, so it’s just a goof that I have to live with, haha.

    I didn’t really think about The Ascension moving into the title picture, but this really seems like they’re time to do so. I hope you’re right and they become main roster guys full time.

    I also didn’t really think about Damien moving into the title picture, but I hope you’re right. I just assumed that he’d cost Miz the win and then those two would feud. I like you’re idea better, haha.

    Thanks for listening! We appreciate the feedback!


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