Classic Promo Of The Week: Jean Paul Levesque (Triple H In WCW!)

jean paul levesque

(Author’s note: While this is technically the second entry in this series, it has been picked up by This entry became the official kickoff for that site and is reposted here several days after. It’s a way bigger audience there and I’m happy to have any weekly article on a site so popular. But I’ll keep reposting as this site has been gaining traction and I’d love to see it continue to grow.)

Welcome to a new series at TJRWrestling called “Classic Promo Of The Week.” The concept is simple, I’ll link to famous (or infamous) promos of wrestling’s past and offer up my thoughts on them. Historical context will be added whenever possible and I expet to have fun with this series. I’ll try to take suggestions as well, so let me know what you’d like to see.

This week, I’m delighted with what I, Mitch Nickelson, have dug up for you wrestling fans from the deep, dark recesses of the Internet. (Also, thanks to Chris Jericho. I totally stole this week’s idea from his podcast. This week’s promo absolutely was inspired by the highly entertaining Talk Is Jericho podcast.)

If you’re a regular listener of Chris Jericho’s popular bi-weekly show, then you’ll know that he had one of his biggest weeks ever just last week. Both of his shows featured a two-part interview featuring the heir to the WWE throne, Triple H. Jericho would sing his ratings success all over his Twitter account…

Triple H went in-depth with much of his career throughout the course of the interview, but one segment that stood out was when he talked about how WCW transitioned his Terra Ryzing gimmick into the more aristocratic Frenchman, Jean Paul Levesque. He seemed to put the blame of the gimmick onto Ric Flair, who was booking around that time. Here’s the initial promo to launch this fairly bad gimmick…

Notice how weak the French accent was? It’s because Hunter was born and raised in the Northeast of the good old USA. He probably could’ve nailed a Jersey accent, but Flair thought his last name looked really French. Well, to be fair it does look really French; so he kind of had a point, I guess.

To give you readers even more bang for your buck, here’s a second Jean Paul promo. I’m pretty sure that I found the promo that Jericho aired on his podcast as well. If I recall correctly, Hunter implied that Gordon Solie conducted this interview while being fairly wasted…

I’d say Gordon held his stuff together pretty well. As for Jean Paul, he was NAILING his French accent by this point. (That’s sarcasm, people.) Wisely, WWE would drop the French part of his aristocratic gimmick when he switched companies.

Triple H still wouldn’t find himself on the road to being the breakout megastar that he would later become until he dropped the blue blooded schtick entirely and teamed up with his real life buddy Shawn Michaels. The D-X days had their fair share of memorable promos, but more for the right reasons. Jean Paul Levesque, however, will be remembered for the bad French accent.

Did you like the promo choice this week? It was definitely more of a funny pick, but still with value when you consider who bore this character. Any requests for future Classic Promos?  I’d be willing to take suggestions. All you have to do is comment below with your ideas of good, bad, and funny promos that you’d like to see in this series. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Take care.


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