Can Triple H Make NXT The Next WCW?

NXT Takeover Fatal 4-Way is in the history books after airing this past Thursday and has largely been regarded as a success. Fantastic wrestling happened and many have talked about the excellent NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championship matches. Add to it the hilarious comedy of Enzo Amore and the much-hyped debut of the now-named Hideo Itami and the WWE has proven to have a strong alternative brand on their hands.

Wrestling fans loved what they saw, but sometimes wrestling fans and the guys in the flashy suits who run Titan Towers do not see eye to eye. So what did the flashiest suit, Vince McMahon, think of the prize of the WWE Network?

With Vince’s approval, NXT has all the blessings it needs to thrive. And considering that the Orlando-based wrestling affiliate is the pet project of WWE COO Triple H, the sky truly is the limit.

Triple H had praises of his own that he wanted to share after the conclusion of Takeover 2. He sat down with Michael Cole this past Friday for an interview to talk about where he plans on taking NXT. The discussion gets really interesting at about 2 minutes in…

Where does it go? If you want to make the comparison to now, I’ve said it in interviews, if you go back to the Attitude Era when there was WCW and the WWE and ECW was kind of that third brand that was kind of the alternative and the feeder system and I think that’s where we’re at right now. But where does it go? My goal is to turn NXT into not just the ECW, not just the alternative, but I would like to make it the WCW.

It is thrilling to hear the vision Triple H has for NXT. This is already a weekly show that not only delivers in being the “feeder system” for the main roster, but also produces destination programming for wrestling fans. To think that this brand could be built up to a prominence that rivals Raw and Smackdown (you can joke that it already does rival Smackdown if you wish) is exciting to hear.

Comment below with your thoughts on where NXT is headed. I assume people are mostly happy with the direction so far, but are you equally happy about the one who is leading it? Triple H has guided NXT thus far, but he does get his fair share of detractors.

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