Mark Henry And Rusev Will Face Off In “International Arm-Wrestling Contest”


Rusev and Lana do not portray themselves as red-blooded American patriots. Not in the least. Last night on Raw, the Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian honored Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation by playing the Russian National Anthem. This display was done in Baltimore, the very town where Francis Scott Key penned America’s “Star Spangled Banner” exactly 200 years ago. The nerve!

Mark Henry, the WWE’s current pro-USA representative, surely isn’t happy about this, is he? Well, it was announced on Raw that the next chapter in Rusev’s evil foreign policy will unfold on this Friday’s Smackdown. He will face off against Mark Henry in not a wrestling match, but in a an “International Arm-Wrestling Contest.”

The World’s Strongest Man, in addition to tag-teaming with The Big Show and squaring off against Rusev, has been cultivating his anger in other avenues on Twitter recently. After the recently released video of Ray Rice being the scummiest person alive, Henry sent out this blunt tweet…

So Henry is currently defending his country, tearing it up in the tag team division, AND standing up against violence towards women? The man is as close to a modern day super hero as it gets, people.

The arm-wrestling contest is sure to be a hot-bed of nationalism and overall hoss-ness, so don’t miss out on it. In the meantime, revisit one of the greatest arm-wrestling events of all time. Triple H and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner should be the gold standard of how these things are to unfold…


Are you looking forward to Rusev and Henry battle in an arm-wrestling contest, or are those types of things too cheesy? Comment below with your opinions. Also, follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson.


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