R-Truth Outs Jack Swagger As A HUGE Rap Fan

Ron Killings suffers from a strange condition as a professional wrestler. His condition is that his real name is way cooler than any ring name that his present company (and also TNA) could come up with. WWE has tried to package Killings with a name that suits his real-life passion for hip hop, but try as they may K-Kwik and R-Truth feel like a big step backwards.

NWA-TNA fared a little better. By merging a nickname with his real name, Ron “The Truth” Killings helped him connect with an audience unlike any other time in his career. But as cool as “The Truth” is, it still must be sandwiched between the already awesome birth name of Ron Killings.

Currently, R-Truth is active on the WWE roster and can be seen wrestling all over the world. He made an appearance at a WWE House Show in Virginia yesterday and gave an interview to The Flagship a few days prior. The Norfolk-based newspaper dug up some insight from Mr. Killings on a few hip-hop fans in the WWE locker room that might be surprising…

“Jack Swagger is a huge fan of hip-hop – Roman Reigns, The Usos … and believe it or not, Chris Jericho. Kofi Kingston, I go to him. I’m working on an album now and working on new entrance music. A new, updated ‘What’s Up.’”

So the Real American, Jack Swagger, is a fan of some boom-bap? That is not expected. But Ron did comment on the current WWE product as well. He even offered his thoughts about Brock Lesnar and John Cena battling over the WWE World heavyweight Championship…

“Brock has opened everybody’s eyes in the locker room,” he said. “He truly wears that title of ‘The Beast.’ Nobody has torn John Cena limb from limb like he did. That was proof in the pudding. [Lesnar] has a d*** good chance at continuing to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But, I know Cena. That light will not burn out. It’s like having a mountain of faith. It’s going to come down to whomever is the hungriest. Cena has something to prove and has to come back from one of the worst butt-whoopings of all time. “

Truth doesn’t count Cena out, but what would you expect? Of course he’s not going to balk at the chances of a fellow rapper who will guest feature on not only one, but TWO tracks on an upcoming R-Truth album. WWE will be releasing the album and while an official release date is not known at this moment, rap heavyweight Wiz Khalifa will also be lending his vocals for a track as well. (Cageside Seats)

“What’s up?” indeed, Ron Killings.

I hope you got your R-Truth fix. While I don’t mind the guy, he’s just not someone who gets written about every day. Anywho, follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson because you know you want to.


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