Mick Foley Undergoes Surgery

On September 3rd of this week, the lovable Hardcore Legend Mick Foley announced to the world (via Facebook) that he would be undergoing minor surgery. This relatively simple procedure will be done in hopes that Foley’s daily pain will be significantly lessened. Here is the original post…

Kudos on the Al Snow joke, Mick. The surgery was apparently targeting his lower back. Well, the operation has came and went and Mick went right back to social media to update his fans about his progress…

While there were no Al Snow jokes this time around, he seems to be recovering well and that’s always good. He plans to continue on with his comedy tour into Western Canada later this month and I offer him prayers in his recovery.

To end this brief news update, I leave you with a classic Commissioner Foley video featuring Kurt Angle, then Triple H. I always liked how Foley’s ‘office’ was just random places backstage…


Thanks for reading, please remember to follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Take care.


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