Classic Promo Of The Week: CM Punk “Raven, My Father Is Exactly Like You”


Welcome to Classic Promo Of The Week, a new weekly series here on I, Mitch Nickelson, will write the inaugural entry in this series.  Al N Jaxson will most likely contribute to this as well; maybe more guests in the future. We’ll see where this goes.

The concept for this is simple, an author will pick a “classic” promo in wrestling history and write why this promo is important. Promos will be selected by whatever criteria we’re in the mood for at that moment. It might be one of the greatest promos in history; it might be one of the most hilariously awful promos in history. Regardless, we’ll try to pick an entertaining one. Since I do happen to have a favorite promo of all time, I figured that would be a good one for me to start with.

I’d shake your hand like a normal man, but the thing is: I don’t respect you! I hate you!

One of CM Punk’s earliest feuds to gain him notoriety was a very passionate one with Raven around 2003. Ring of Honor was a newer promotion at the time and the young Punk really connected with it’s passionate fanbase as he battled the veteran Raven. The storyline had Punk likening Raven to his alcoholic father, mirroring Punk’s real-life Straight Edge beliefs and tensions with his family.

While many great promos came out of this feud, the spectacular one I picked came after a tag-team match at Wrestlerave 2003. The Second City Saints (CM Punk and Colt Cabana) took on Raven and Christopher Daniels. Punk and Cabana would win that night thanks to a chain-filled purse. After the match, Punk (along with Cabana and Lucy) stopped in front of a camera backstage to deliver this amazing spectacle.

(Click on the link below to watch the promo. Sorry I couldn’t embed it or find a better quality version. This puppy is hard to track down on the Internet.)

Many matches have been moving to me in wrestling history, but this is the only promo I have ever heard to truly give me chills. I believe Raven had just challenged Punk to a Dog Collar match for next month’s event before this promo was executed. The passion is so strong in Punk’s voice. It’s not surprising that he would go on to become a bonafide superstar in this business.

Punk became one of my favorite wrestlers of that time (and since) and at the time my brother felt the same way. We eventually decided to check out Ring of Honor at a Dayton, Ohio show about a year after for an event that would later be called World Title Classic. CM Punk faced Samoa Joe for his Ring of Honor Championship and it was the greatest live experience of my life. Joe and Punk would battle that night to a 60 minute draw. I don’t give star ratings too often, but that night I witnessed a true 5 star match and all matches before and since will forever fall short of it.

That was fun to reminisce on classic Punk memories. While this particular promo was my favorite, there are obvious other Punk promos that will guarantee that he’ll pop up in this series in the future. What did you think of today’s promo? Did you watch it in 2003 while the Raven/Punk feud was catching fire? Add your thoughts and comments below or send me a shout on Twitter @MitchNickelson. I’d love to hear from you.



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