Jerry Springer Will Be On Raw Next Week

The hottest talk show host of the late 1990s is ready to make waves once again. Jerry Springer, the host of the once hugely popular Jerry Springer Show, will be headed to Raw next Monday to moderate a discussion between those feisty Bella twins, Nikki and Brie.

After in-character quitting WWE over a dispute between her husband Daniel Bryan and The Authority on the June Payback Pay-Per-View, Brie Bella spent some time at home while Nikki Bella suffered the wrath of Stephanie McMahon. When Brie finally regained her job and faced off against Stephanie in a match at Summerslam (a totally realistic turn of events in any profession), she found herself at odds with her twin sister, Nikki.

Nikki blamed Brie for all of the hardships she endured during her absence. Nikki would routinely be placed in unfair handicap matches, all alone with no identical twin to help her fight her battles.

The twins have tried to settle their differences through bad acting and slapping, but nothing has caused the two to repair their rift. Nikki even told Brie on a recent edition of Raw that she wished that her sister had died in the womb. Those words are way too ugly for beautiful young women like themselves. How will this dispute ever find a peaceful resolution? WWE has decided to bring in the big guns in the form of a special moderator, Jerry flippin’ Springer.

The Spinger news was released by yesterday…

Jerry Springer has been confirmed to moderate a discussion between the estranged “Total Divas” stars on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw in Baltimore on Sept. 8. The Bellas, as the WWE Universe knows, have been at vicious odds since Nikki turned on her twin sister Brie at SummerSlam. Recent weeks have seen Nikki demean her sister at every turn and go so far as to slander her reputation in “Growing Up Bella” vignettes that exposed Brie’s alleged childhood secrets.

Before hosting one of the biggest shows of the 1990s, Jerry Springer dabbled in politics. He had a short run as Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1970s. His time in office was sadly cut short after bouncing a check for inappropriate services in a shady Kentucky massage parlor.

Not to be deterred, Springer ran for office again in 1982 but ultimately lost in his bid for Governor of Ohio. He’s considered running for Senate in 2000 and 2004, but Wikipedia informs me that he decided against both runs because of negative associations with The Jerry Springer Show.

Springer has been a guest host of Raw in the past. Here’s a segment that doesn’t exactly get me excited about his appearance…

It should be noted that The Bellas were in that above segment and did come to blows at one point. They pulled hair, too. It was a bad segment, so I don’t blame you if you didn’t watch the whole thing. The point is, Jerry didn’t exactly help the sisters any on that occasion.

So to wrap up this news item with some Mitch Nickelson opinion, I’m not really excited about Springer coming to Raw. I don’t expect him to add value to the program. The Bellas aren’t really good actresses to begin with, so putting them in a segment where they’re going to have to talk a lot doesn’t make me want to watch at all.

Am I being too hard on Springer? Comment below and let me know. Or, follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. My main event review should be posting up tonight or tomorrow at, so look out for that.

I also finished recording the first edition of a weekly podcast that I’m involved in. The show is called SBP Wrestling and I’m looking forward to letting you hear that when it releases later this week. In the meantime, go ahead and add the show’s official Twitter handle so you can keep up with all that’s going on with that. Just click here…@SBP_Wrestling. Take care.


2 thoughts on “Jerry Springer Will Be On Raw Next Week”

  1. Okay. That does it. That’s just amazing xD

    Jerry Springer being on RAW will be pretty darn amusing. I’m signing in for the next Monday night RAW (not like I was going to miss it, anyway!)


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