Steve Austin Shills Pork In Funny Wendy’s Ad

austin bbq

While this site is no way endorsed by or affiliated with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Alfonso Ribeiro, Ralph Macchio, or Wendy’s, this ad is very funny and worth sharing…

Mitch’s personal reflections on the content of this commericial…

  • I worked for about a year as an Assistant Manager of a Wendy’s. Highly stressful job, but still love the food.
  • I listen to every edition of Steve Austin’s podcast, both the family friendly and the uncensored versions. I also find it funny that’s his credentials are listed as “Professional Champion.”
  • Carlton was awesome on Fresh Prince. The only thing that sucked about the show was that when it aired in the 90s it went head-to-head against wrestling on Monday nights…during the Monday night wars! Mondays were glorious in the 90s, kids.
  • I’ve never watched all of The Karate Kid. That Macchio guy seems okay, I guess.
  • Pulled Pork Barbecue is fantastic. They will most likely serve it in Heaven.

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Jim Ross Speculates on Lesnar vs. Punk at Wrestlemania 31

The legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross has come up with one huge money-maker for next year’s Wrestlemania. While he is not close to the booking in WWE in any capacity, he proposed on his blog the idea of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar going toe-to-toe with none other than CM Punk. Here’s what he had to say…

“I wonder what the chance would be to see a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar WM31 WWE Title Bout? Stranger things have happened and that pairing would guarantee WWE a ton of new subscribers and likely ignite the PPV marketplace as well.”

Brock Lesnar has been very well-booked as a special attraction. His infrequent bookings have shielded the former UFC Heavyweight Champion from overexposure. Ever since his defeat of The Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania, his stock has shot through stratospheric levels.

CM Punk returning would definitely require a “stranger things have happened” kind of scenario. Ever since his leave from WWE earlier this year, there seems to be no signs whatsoever that he has any intention of returning. What would it take for MIA Straight Edge Superstar to step inside a WWE squared circle?

“Communication and money solve many ills and that would be a terrific main event considering that as it stands today WWE has major work to do in assembling what looks to be more of an ensemble card than one that is one or two main event heavy at this time. I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to see a Lesnar-Punk headliner at WM31 because it equates to big money for all involved.”

While I agree with Ross that communication and money will ultimately bring Punk back, I do not see a return anytime in the near future. This author would bank on a multi-year absence by Punk, minimum. But stranger things have indeed happened, so it doesn’t hurt to speculate on this fantastic moment of fantasy booking. Their match at Summerslam 2013 was one of the best matches of that year, the WWE could easily sell a follow-up to it.

Stephanie McMahon was asked about Punk reconciling with WWE in a recent interview with Her answer was more of a non-answer, but at least the company seems to be refraining from shutting doors…

“CM Punk is an incredible character. We’ve had a lot of fun with him and who knows what the future holds.”


While this is all just speculation at best, when do you see Punk returning to WWE? Or will he ever? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Classic Promo of the Week: D-X Parodies The Nation

(Author’s note: I’ve shifted this series over to, the other site I write for. So I typically delay this series. On top of that, I forgot to post this last week. Oops. So expect another entry in this series in the next day or so.)

Welcome to the second edition of Classic Promo of the Week. This is the series where both the famous and infamous monologues of yesteryear get dissected for our pleasure. Wrestling nostalgia runs wild in this series, I hope you’re stoked for it.

Last week, we looked at the amusing beginnings of Triple H’s career in WCW. He was an aristocratic Frenchman named Jean Paul Levesque and a far cry from being anything close to The Game that would later be adored. This week’s promo still includes Mr. Levesque, but it comes from a much better remembered time in his career.

Thanks to a suggestion from TJR reader Strong Bad, this week’s Classic Promo is none other than the hilarious Nation of Domination parody by everyone’s favorite group of reprobates, Degeneration-X. This segment aired on the July 6th, 1998 edition of Raw. Click on the Youtube link below and relive this classic segment…

Road Dogg’s parody of D-Lo Brown still cracks me up every time. Triple H was spot on with his Rock impression as well. This was a highly entertaining era of the business that saw two wrestling icons (Triple H and The Rock) frequently verbally and physically sparring against each other along with their factions.

While most of this skit would be funny in any era of wrestling, there’s one thing I’d like to point out that might not happen outside of the wild and crazy Attitude Era…Sean Waltman in blackface.

While I’m in no way accusing Sean or the WWE of racism with this makeup choice, it’s just worth pointing out how un-PC the 1990s were at times. I don’t even remember any backlash at the time from this, but I couldn’t imagine this happening today without controversy. Plus, his “Hey, Hey, Hey…” line was hilarious.

Another funny part of this skit was the random guy who parodied Owen Hart. I remember watching this as a kid and immediately wondering who that skinny dude with the prosthetic nose was. Well, the man covered in yellow caution tap was a comedian named Jason Sensation. I don’t personally know him from any work other than this D-X parody, but apparently he had at least one other appearance in WWE mocking Owen…

Of all of the bad attempts at humor that WWE has put out of the years, this promo will be remembered as one of the times where they got it right. If you want a more in-depth look at this moment and a more complete story of Degeneration-X during the 1990s, look no further than the WWE Network. The Monday Night Wars has an episode focusing on D-X and their role during that era.

– – – – – –

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Ken Shamrock Speaks On Why He Never Won The WWF Title

Ken Shamrock was a standout performer during the famed Attitude Era. Finding early success in UFC, he brought legitimacy to professional wrestling much like Brock Lesnar does to the current era.

Shamrock was quite the presence during his time in WWE. He was an Intercontinental Champion and a Tag Team Champion (with Big Boss Man). Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him #8 among their list of Top 500 Singles Wrestlers in 1998. He even won the acclaimed King of the Ring for that same year.

Despite all of his accomplishments in wrestling, he never found himself achieving the richest prize in his company, the WWF Heavyweight Championship (as it was known during his days). It’s a little odd that he never did become champion; he even challenged for it on four separate occasions, according to this writer’s research. In a recent interview posted to Youtube, Ken discusses his take on why he never carried the belt…

“I know Bret Hart had talked to me about it a few times. He had the belt at the time and he was going to drop it to me. He had discussions about it. The Rock was going to move up (the card) and I was going to move up and challenge for the belt. But The Rock went ahead of me, which was fine, he was a great worker…..I’ll work my way up and I’ll get a shot myself….I just figured that I would be right behind him. He captured the belt…..the matches we had (previously) were main event material, and were the main event a few times, and so I really believed that that opportunity would come, but I never did. But as we know, there’s politics in everything, and I never did (get the shot). I have no idea why that decision was made.”

To hear the full interview, check it out in the embedded player below…

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Jim Ross Warns Of Overexposing Finishers

A wrestler’s finisher is his or her prized move. It should be protected and marketed as their choice tool for maximum devastation. Yet recently, wrestlers find themselves needing to execute the same signature move multiple times in the same match to put away their opponent. What gives?

Jim Ross, one of the greatest commentators in this business, addressed this very topic on his blog recently. To say the least, he’s not happy about the trend of cheapening one’s own finisher…

“What started the trend that it takes a main event level talent using their finish MULTIPLE times on another top hand to win a match? Why is that lame trend on going? If one has to use their vaunted finish multiple times to beat another talent then is is really one’s finish?”

The recent main event of WWE’s Night Of Champions offers us an example of this. John Cena delivered four AAs and multiple STFs in his pursuit to defeat Brock Lesnar and reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While he was declared the winner of the match, he failed to win the Title due to interference by Seth Rollins.

“If the in ring psychology was more refined and made more common sense, we wouldn’t be seeing someone have to take another’s go to finish multiple times to lose. For those who think that matter helps a match then they are out of touch with the genre. It’s all about protecting the loser obviously instead of it being all about getting the winner truly over.”

Do you agree with JR’s take? Do current wrestlers tend to overuse their finishing maneuvers, overexposing them in the process? Comment below with your thoughts and let me know.

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Main Event Review For September 24th, 2014

It’s Tuesday night and that means it’s time for WWE Main Event. This week’s show hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. There’s a big segment advertised as Dean Ambrose will be the guest on MizTV. WWE has been cashing in on the Ambrose love since his return from a short absence, which is good for Main Event.

If you’ve read my reviews before then you know that I give a synopsis of the show, segment by segment. There’s no super thorough play-by-play, but I try to cover all of the happenings. I insert my opinion along the way, then wrap things up with a snappy Final Thoughts section at the end. Let’s get to the fun.

A graphic is show reminding us that Dean Ambrose will be the guest on MizTV tonight.

Slater Gator vs. Los Matadores (w/El Torito)

Adam Rose & The bunny, along with The Rosebuds, came down to join our announcers, Michael Cole and Bryon Saxton, at the announce table. The Bunny had a headset on even though they kept trying to ask him questions. Rose reminded them that bunnies can’t talk.

The match was short. Rose and his crew kept singing and raving, distracting Slater Gator. The Matodores drop-kicked Slater into O’Neil, then did a cross-body off of the top rope for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Los Matadores

Rose, The Bunny, and their entourage celebrated with Los Matadores in the ring after their win.

The video game trailer for WWE 2K15 is played at this point.

Mark Henry comes to ring wearing a classy suit but looked solemn. The replay of his losses at Night of Champions and the following Raw are shown.

Henry Sort-Of Turns On America, Big Show Hugs It Out

Henry has a mic and says that he has a written statement. The fans chanted “USA” for Henry. Henry says that the fans and Rusev knew he was hurt, but they encouraged him to wrestle a second match anyway. He turns on the fans, saying that he did the best he could do but the fans don’t appreciate it. As much as he loves the country, he doesn’t get how Americans love winners. We’re obsessed with winning at the expense of hard workers. If Henry doesn’t win, then he’s no longer our “boy.” There’s a mixture of boos and “USA” chants as he says that he just had to get all of that off of his chest.

Big Show comes to the ring, smiling and high-fiving fans along the way. He joins Henry in the ring and tells Mark that he knows he’s upset. He calls him his brother from another mother. He talks about when Henry one time ate all of Show’s chocolate chip cookies and milk. He knows how hard Henry fought. Show is his brother and he loves him. He feels his pain; the fans clapped for that. Show says that he’ll get booed alongside Henry. This Friday on Saturday, he’s going to knock Rusev out. The two embraced in a hug as the in-ring promo ended.

The news brief about Roman Reign’s surgery that we’ve been seeing the past few days is aired again. Get well soon, Roman. Michael Cole says that he’ll miss several months of action.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena from Night Of Champions is highlighted.

AJ Lee skips to the ring to join Byron and Michael on commentary for the next match.

Naomi vs. Paige

Footage from the Night Of Champions Diva’s Championship match is replayed at the start. I’m still impressed by the bump that Ms. Bella took to the outside.

I feel like Naomi proves here worth in this match. Despite how butt-focused her arsenal can be at times, she is talented. Not only does she pull off Hurricanranas with ease, she came up with a sick head-scissors maneuver that she used to face-plant Paige. I would be happy if she seriously challenged for the Diva’s Title.

Paige, the heel that she is, propped her feet onto the bottom ropes after rolling up Naomi to successfully pin her opponent.

Winner by pinfall: Paige

AJ ran into the ring after the match and took Paige out with her Diva’s Title belt. Paige pounded the ring in frustration.

Another reminder that Dean Ambrose will be on MizTV aired. Next up is a recap with Ambrose and Cena chasing down Ambrose on Raw and the events associated with it. An ad came on reminding us that Wrestlemania will be in the new Levi’s stadium in San Francisco next year.

As promised, the Ambrose stuff from Raw is recapped. After that, Byron and Michael tell us that Gold & Stardust will defend their newly-won Tag Championships against the Usos on Smackdown this week. They generally have good matches together, so I’m looking forward to it.

Renee Young Interviews The Usos Backstage

The Usos are super-excited about their rematch and Jey (I think) keeps pretending to pass out from his anticipation. They tell us how they’re going to go U-So Crazy and that brings a lovely smile to Renee’s face.

Bo Dallas is shown walking backstage.  He looks like he’ll be wrestling next.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas’ match against Swagger from Raw is shown. He tapped out to the Patriot Lock and was made fun of by Zeb Colter. Dallas grabs a microphone and says that he finally understands what it feels like to be a loser. “In other words, I felt a lot like you, Kofi.” Burn. Bo didn’t realize that Kofi still worked here. Kofi looks annoyed by Bo’s antics. Maybe this will plant the seeds for when they finally make The New Nation gimmick happen?

The match was a short back and forth bout. Kingston does seem to have a little fire in his step, but maybe that’s just the way I chose to view this performance. Kingston won after connecting with his Trouble In Paradise.

Winner by pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Kofi celebrated his win as Bo looked frustrated on the outside. Kofi could be heard yelling “Look at you! Look at you!” towards Dallas, which I see as even more seeds of a New Nation incarnation of Kofi. I’m still crossing my fingers on that. MizTV is up next.

Dean Ambrose Appears On MizTV

Damien Sandow mimicked every word that Miz uttered while on the microphone in the beginning and it was hilarious. He didn’t speak, but holy crap is the dude hilarious. Miz doesn’t waste time in introducing Dean Ambrose to his segment.

Dean is welcomed with a handshake. Miz  shows the footage of Dean Ambrose getting his head smashed into a pile of cinder blocks. Miz says that his inside sources say that Dean suffered significant head and spine trauma, but he refused treatment and then disappeared. Damien is still miming everything Miz is doing, by the way. It’s distracting in a really funny way.

Miz asked where Dean went during his absence and asked what kind of anti-psychotic drugs he was put on when he got there. Dean asks Miz if he thinks he’s funny. Damien responded by saying that Miz is, in fact, very, very funny. Miz thanks the compliment.

Miz asks how Dean walked away from having his skull smashed. Dean explains that while a normal person would not have walked away, he’s not a normal person. He might go down, but he won’t stay down. The Authority has picked a fight that they can’t win.

Miz says that he, along with everyone here, thinks he’s insane. A locked room couldn’t keep Ambrose from getting to Rollins. Footage is shown from Raw where Dean Ambrose popped out of a Dean Ambrose-sized box to attack Seth.

Miz asked the crowd if they liked the clip and cheers affirmed it. But Miz says that he wants the breaking news. What he wants is the scoop on how he got out of the room. Good question. Dean Ambrose looks at him and gives a very laugh out loud response, “It was simple…there was a back door.” That actually fixes that plot hole rather nicely.

Miz seems bummed that his big scoop didn’t turn out to be something more elaborate. Dean offers another funny line when he tells Miz, “I’m not Houdini!” It’s definitely worth watching; Dean’s delivery is superb like always. Dean tells him that he’s sorry if he feels cheated by his explanation.

Miz says he’s not cheated by the story, but rather by Dolph Ziggler’s win over him on Monday night. He says he lost the IC Title because Dolph pulled on his tights.  Miz went on a screaming fit to showcase his frustrations and got in Dean’s face in the process. Dean gave him a headbutt and then threw Damien out of the ring. Dean goes back to Miz and drops him with the Dirty Deeds.

To finish the segment up, Dean propped the lifeless Miz back into his chair. He put Miz’s glasses on and placed the microphone into his hand. Ambrose leaned towards the mic and thanked Miz for being such a great host. He told the audience that we’ll see them next time on MizTV. Ambrose walks out of the ring and checks his forehead after his headbutt. Miz is still out cold in his chair to close the show.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

This was an entertaining hour of wrestling, but I hesitate to say it was above average. I’m only going with an ‘average’ verdict because while there was plenty to like, the in-ring action was virtually non-existent. There were only three matches and that’s if you count the fact that the opening tag match only consisted of two moves. But I will give credit to the women’s match and Dallas vs. Kofi, but neither resulted in can’t-miss programming.

I like Mark Henry and was looking forward to the heel turn. I think Big Show halted that, but it looks like Henry going to turn on the fans as a result of his Rusev losses at some point. Big Show will help us bridge that gap and maybe this will lead to  a match between the two.

The MizTV segment was the big moment of the night and I do feel like it delivered. Damien Mizdow is so good in his comedy role, but I hope we get something of a face turn and a character tweak when he eventually comes to blows with The Miz. Dean Ambrose is a superstar and his promo abilities are top notch. Even though there wasn’t a ‘big match’ of this night, this was a worthy headliner of this B-show. Also, I assume this will setup a match between Miz and Ambrose, which might be good. I don’t read Smackdown spoilers, so don’t clue me in if that’s what happened Tuesday night.

Thanks for reading my review of Main Event. Like always, this is the part where I remind you to follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. In addition to that, I’ll also shill a new podcast venture called SBP Wrestling. You can read about that by clicking HERE or just click play on the little player I’ve embedded below…

I’ll be back here on Friday for my new series, Classic Promo of the Week. Take care.


Al’s Match of the Week: Benoit vs. Jericho (Ladder Match 2001)

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit Ladder Match – Royal Rumble 2001

Al N Jaxson here. My match of the week is a classic Ladder Match between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. Now I know WWE has all but erased Chris Benoit’s career and for good reason. But for all the fans of Benoit, the WWE Network has any Benoit match you desire to see.

Royal Rumble 2001 was one of my favorites. I had this one on VHS and I wore it out. The rumble itself was fantastic with Stone Cold winning but there was much much more to enjoy on this show. The one match I fell in love with was the Y2J/Benoit Ladder match. These two guys went out and put on one Heck of a Show! Easily one of my favorite ladder matches…no, scratch that…one of my favorite MATCHES of all time. Check it out if you haven’t seen it or if you have, watch it again!

SBP Wrestling Podcast Episode #3: Night of Champions Aftermath

After an eventful week of more wrestling than the average person can handle, Ronnie, Pate, and myself have returned for another edition of SBP Wrestling. We break down Night of Champions and the Raw fallout the next night. There’s agreement that Rusev and Henry didn’t deliver the goods, but it’s a mixed reaction when it comes to how we view The Miz (…I like him!). Expect plenty of fun banter and of course, Ronnie’s Classic Match of the Week.

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Damien Sandow Praised By Mick Foley

After last year’s unsuccessful Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in by Damien Sandow (against then-World Champ John Cena), many wrestling fans groaned about what they expected to be the demise of Damien Sandow. Ever the optimist, Mick Foley had a different take on the situation. He immediately took to social media and made this call in October of 2013…

“THAT WAS AWESOME! Who else found themselves being swept up in the wave of excitement that IS @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW Way to go Damien! Come on all you #DebbieDowners out there – what happened to @TheDamienSandow was FAR from a burial! It was the dawning of the age of Sandow! One year from today, I will remind all of you that I declared October 28,2013 as the dawning of the age of @TheDamienSandow-mania! #RAW”

While I don’t disagree with Foley that the match against Cena was extremely exciting, it’s hard to say that his call proved right. After his time carrying the briefcase, Sandow faded into the meaninglessness of the midcard without anything substantial on the horizon.

Then, things got weird for Sandow when he started donning extremely baffling costumes on an almost weekly basis during the spring and summer of this year. Some were highly entertaining (Mr. McMahondow), yet some were real head-scratchers. Case in point…

While all of this seemed like some cruel joke that was being portrayed on the poor Sandow, he finally started feeling like a somewhat useful talent again when he found the perfect character to copy, The Miz. His mannerisms have hysterically patterned after the self-proclaimed Hollywood star. Sandow even offered logical reasoning on a recent MizTV segment for why he’s currently shadowing Miz. He expects his devotion to Miz to lead to an Intercontinental Championship match, should Miz finally upend Dolph Ziggler. Here’s his most recent example of method acting, from Tuesday night’s Main Event…

Whether this comedy bit needs to be associated with the historic Intercontinental Championship is a separate conversation, but I can’t help but feel happy for Sandow. He’s had a terrible year since holding a briefcase that made him the defacto number one contender. Now that he has regular television time in a continuing story I feel like I can see light at the end his tunnel. This logically will lead to a feud with The Miz, so he even has some short term booking before him. Things are finally looking up for the guy.

Going to back to Mick Foley’s take on Damien, he offered these comments recently on Facebook…

I see Foley as being just a little over-positive on his take of Damien’s career, but I do agree with him that Sandow can take whatever is given to him and turn it into something very special. I’m not sure that this is the greener pastures that Sandow deserves, but it is a far cry better than where he was six months ago. Will Sandowmania ever truly run wild? Offer up your thoughts in the comments on if you agree with Mick or not.

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Mitch And Al Radio Episode #2

Welcome back to the second episode of Mitch and Al Radio. This week, we do a much better job at sticking to 30 minutes than we did last week, but still missed the mark by a little.  Here’s the description of this week’s show…

Night of Champions and the following Raw drives most of our discussion. Al delivers his first ever edition of Al’s Book Club, featuring a Hollywood Hogan book. Mitch brings bad puns with Failed Internationally Repackaged Gimmicks. Roman Reigns trivia and more! Listen and follow.

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