“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Tours Sweden and Denmark


The whole world might as well be the United States for Jim Duggan. It doesn’t matter what country he’s in because everyone chants “U.S.A.” when “Hacksaw”  is in the building. The WWE Legend is currently wrapping up a few days in Sweden and Denmark and the fans have appreciated his time. Keeping up with all of his travels and how well he’s been received on social media has been quite a treat for those of us who are abroad.

Duggan, who won the first ever WWE Royal Rumble, has already appeared at shows and signed autographs in the towns of Goteberg and Malmo, Sweden. According to his Twitter account, the fans in Malmo were so caught up in Duggan’s presence that they all were participating with his classic patriotic chants…

One participant of the Malmo event took video of Hacksaw’s appearance and shared that special moment with the world through Youtube…

Despite all of the fun that Duggan has been having with wrestling fans in Europe, the WWE Hall of Famer took time on August 29th to offer up prayers for Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Roberts has suffered a scary bought with pneumonia this past week and was forced off of a show in Las Vegas as he went to the hospital for observation and testing. Sadly, a brain abnormality has been detected for Roberts. We should all follow Duggan’s lead in prayer for Roberts.

Duggan has since left Sweden and continued on in his travels over to Denmark. He will make his way back to the States by Monday and we should all offer him up prayers for his safe travels. But judging by one of his more recent Facebook posts, we Americans might have a hard time convincing him to come back…


It’s always good to see wrestling legends still doing what they love so many years past their prime. Keep on truckin’, Hacksaw. But in the meantime, keep up with plenty of your favorite wrestling news and updates by following me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Take care.


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