Ryback Goes Under The Knife


The WWE has seen two high profile departures this past week. Rob Van Dam will be going on what can be assumed to be a routine sabbatical. Van Dam wrapped up his current run with WWE on Tuesday night, battling Seth Rollins on both Main Event and Smackdown. His Main Event match, which aired Tuesday night live on the WWE Network, ended with a DQ win due to countout.

The other high profile departure was that of Ryback. The Big Guy, who’s real name is Ryan Reeves, originally sent a not-so-clear message out on Twitter on Monday. The tweet, which has since been deleted, said this…

“Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time. P.S. Sorry Punk.”

The tweet was accompanied with this picture…


Speculation abounded as to what exactly all of this meant. When Main Event aired on Tuesday night, a backstage segment between Adam Rose and Curtis Axel revealed that Ryback was out with an injury. The Ax Man would suffer a loss to Rose, obviously aimless without his Rybaxel buddy. Michael Cole offered an on air explanation that Ryback would be out of action for two weeks.

Today, Ryback took to the internet to address speculation directly to the online portion of the WWE Universe. The Big Guy was in a hospital bed and appeared to be in the process of receiving some sort of general anesthetics. He explained that he’s been wrestling for a about seven months with a couple of strained groins (pronounced “Grow-ins”) and two sport hernias. He told the WWE Universe that he’s wrestled with injury for all of us…but especially for our mothers.

“Mother’s LOVE The Big Guy.”

After sharing some inspirational wisdom he’s received from Babe Ruth, Ryback assures us that he’ll be coming back in a big way. If the viewer hasn’t picked up on how much of this promo is done in-character by this point, Ryback perfectly ended the video by softly speaking “Ryback Rules,” nearly in a whisper as he goes unconscious. Go ahead and see The Big Guy’s amazing comedic delivery for yourself…

While Ryback’s time away and surgery seem to be the legit reason why he’ll be off television for the next few weeks, he’s finding entertaining ways to deliver the news. He’s always had a humorous approach to the IWC and this writer wishes him a safe and speedy recovery. Hurry back, Big Guy. The Ax Man and I will miss you.


Thanks for reading another quick news update by Mitch Nickelson. As a fan of Ryback, I had fun writing this one. Follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson as I anxiously await his return to television. Also, there’s plenty more Mitch at MitchNickelson.com.


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