Hulk Hogan Uses Salty Language Against Stone Cold Steve Austin

hogan austin

Is “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan laying the groundwork for one final match? If not, then he has quite the problem with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Hulk Hogan, according to audio that was uploaded today, sat down with radio personalities Roz and Mocha of Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 FM to chat about a variety of issues. He addressed the many Twitter-hoaxes claiming that Hulk has died, whether or not he was responsible for ending his daughter Brooke’s engagement, and who he’d like to step into the ring with.

When asked if there is anyone in the world of professional wrestling Hogan currently has beef with, he immediately mentioned Austin’s name and associated him with the phrase “major, constant b****.” He went on to explain a recent confrontation between the two…

“I ran into him last week and I said ‘Look bro, everybody keeps talking, you know, why didn’t this happen? When I came back with the NWO in ’05 I was ready to go and it didn’t happen. I know you had some health issues and stuff like that BUT WHAT’S THE PROBLEM NOW, BROTHER?'”

It should be pointed out that Hogan got the dates slightly wrong in this interview. Hogan’s NWO run in WWE happened in 2002, not 2005. This run led to an epic Wrestlemania encounter with The Rock that could have been against Steve Austin had Austin wanted it. Austin faced off against Scott Hall instead at that event and a match between the two icons never happened.

After discussing Steve Austin, Hogan also mentioned briefly how he’d like to punk out Cena as well. The Hulkster has been saying in recent months that he’d love to get into the ring one last time and this looks like seeds that are being planted for that possibility. Austin has also had buzz circling about one final go, so maybe the chances of this happening aren’t so far-fetched.

To listen to the complete audio, check out the audio below. Hogan’s Steve Austin comments begin at around the 4:40 mark. (Warning: There is a slight content warning on the language.) 


Who wants to see Hogan face off against Austin? Could it live up to the hype with both men so far removed from their prime? Comment below and offer your thoughts. Or if you want to share your thoughts on Twitter, send them to me @MitchNickelson. Thanks for reading.



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