Evan Bourne Calls WWE Refs Snitches

Evan bourne Airbourne Jiner mahal

Evan Bourne (real name Matthew Joseph Korklan) has been making waves recently over claims he made about WWE referees. In a YouShoot interview he had this to say about the refs…

Every now and then they try and get the referees to be snitches on us. Not the agents, in the Talent Relations chain; someone would leverage a referee for information.

While it’s not terribly shocking to find out when management in any profession finds a segment of the workforce to keep tabs on the rest of the employees, this is a new claim to the world of WWE. Do all of the wrestlers keep one eye open when they’re around those striped shirts? Former WWE talent Tyler Reks seconded the claims…

Even if all of this is exactly as these two claim it is, this isn’t a terribly shocking claim. Management finding ways of keeping tabs on the workforce happens in virtually all work environments. Why would pro-wrestling be that different?

Another claim he made in this same interview that did seem a little shocking to this writer is that refs would get bonuses for messing with match endings at House Shows.

“Referees weren’t always with wrestlers. On the house shows they would do the ring crew so they would travel completely separately. There was certainly… they’d try to pit us against each other. They did stuff like, if you’re doing something totally illegal, like if you have a 5 count in the corner and you’re punching the guy, the ref counts to 5 and he disqualifies you. He got a bonus for that DQ because he followed the rules and we didn’t. I’m dead serious, that was a thing. They would bonus the ref for applying the rule set.”

Refs are given bonuses for not letting a match go to the pre-determined ending? That is a little odd. House Shows are not scripted too tightly like the televised shows are, so improvisation happens frequently. But allowing refs to change the ending for personal financial reward seems like a recipe for disaster. Tension between them and the wrestlers would be a natural result, which might explain why claims of wrestlers viewing refs as snitches are starting to emerge.


Maybe he sensed that throwing all of the refs under the bus was a little rash because after these claims started circulating across the Internet, he sent out this seemingly flattering tweet…

Despite these claims by the former Evan Bourne (I assume he’ll resume using his indie name Matt Sydal), his career continues on. A fan asked him on Twitter if he’ll be popping up in Ring of Honor soon and he offered this bit of information…

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