Main Event Review for August 19th, 2014

ME_099_Photo_24_195024 big show harper

Tuesday night has came and went with another eventful episode of Main Event in the books. I did not watch the show on Tuesday night and am in fact watching it Wednesday morning. I’ve heard about what happened, namely Brock’s opponent for Night of Champions, and I think that qualifies as an eventful announcement. Also, Slater Gator wrestled. So I’m looking forward to what should be a great hour of wrestling.

I’m Mitch and I write about all the fun stuff on this WWE Network show. I recap and throw in my opinion along the way. I wrap it up with a spiffy summary of how I felt of everything at the end. I have fun doing this.

Usually, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are the announcers. This week, it’s Bryon Saxton and Michael Cole. The WWE Network lists this as the 99th episode of Main Event. Will there be a party for next weeks triple-digit milestone? Maybe I’ll have a Rybaxel cake cooked up to celebrate. Tonight’s show comes to us from the fine city of Phoenix, Arizona.

ME_099_Photo_03_191143 sheamus axel

Sheamus vs. Curtix Axel

This match is not for Sheamus’ United States Championship. These two were part of a six-man tag match on Raw the previous night that was really fun. Before the match gets started, Cesaro makes his way to the announce table in a really sharp suit. At one point, Byron asks The Swiss Superman to talk about the now-international WWE Network in Swedish. Cesaro calls him an idiot because he’s Swiss, not Swedish.

There was a fun part in this match where Axel has Sheamus in the corner and starts slapping the snot out of him. He hit him like a dozen times and Sheamus no-sold it as he looked super angry. He battled back and hit several running knees. He made it to the top rope and dove with his shoulder into Axel. Sheamus hit the Ten Beats Of The Bowery, then the Running Senton. The fans started to come alive as he set up for the Brogue Kick. Sheamus connected with it and that was enough for a successful pinfall.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Post match, Cesaro grabs the US Title and admires it. Sheamus acts ticked that Cesaro is holding onto his belt too long, but then Cesaro finally throws it into the ring. It looks like the start of a new feud.

ME_099_Photo_06_191410 cesaro

Big Show and Erick Rowan face off later in the show, which was previously advertised. Byron Saxton says that it will be a “Monster’s Brawl.”

Triple H then cuts in as he announces that Brock Lesnar will have to defend his newly-won WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the man he took it from, John Cena. Cena requested the rematch. Bryon Saxton questions how smart this decision was, so soon after the beating he took just two days ago. He calls it the worst loss of Cena’s career.

ME_099_Photo_08_192036 nikki bella emma

Nikki Bella vs. Emma

Nikki’s betrayal of her sister from Summerslam and their confrontation of Raw is replayed. The crowd starts a “You Sold Out” chant. Nikki did a spinning kick off the ropes onto Emma that connected nicely. She locks Emma into a front face lock and does a well-timed eye roll as the crowd starts up again with “You Sold Out.”

There’s a Breaking News graphic scrolling at the bottom of the screen, telling us about Lesnar and Cena again. Emma is able to lock her Tarantula on Nikki but fails to follow up with a cross-body off of the top rope. Nikki decked her with a hard right hand. She puts Emma in a Backbreaker and covers her for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Bella

Nikki makes her way back up to ramp as Michael Cole questions her relationship with The Authority.

Renee Young Interviews The Big Show And Mark Henry Backstage

Renee asks Big Show about his match with Erick Rowan tonight. Show calls Rowan a big, raw-boned, red-headed monster. Show talks about how the match will be a brawl but then says that he might pull out some top-rope luchador maneuvers. Mark Henry shakes his head and tells him, “No.” Henry then follows it up by simply telling him, “Win.” Big Shows tells him that he’ll give it the old “College Try.” He keeps rambling on and Henry tells him to just go out there and whoop him so that they can go eat. Henry adds that if Harper puts his face in it, he’ll put something in his face. Renee looks a little confused after that.

Back from a break and there’s a replay of Triple H’s announcement about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Night of Champions again. John Cena returns to Raw next week in Anaheim, California.

ME_099_Photo_17_193239 slater matadores

Slater Gator (Titus O’Neil &Heath Slater) vs. Los Matadores

Well I’m happy about getting to see another Slater Gator match. I’m not a huge huge fan of the Matadores, but it’s good to see Fernando back from injury. In addition to El Torito, Hornswoggle is dressed up as a little cow. That’s…odd.

I won’t comment on the match too much; it wasn’t too special. All four of the wrestlers are talented and I like to mark out for Slater Gator, but Byron Saxton and Michael Cole kept cracking cow jokes and dumb puns. I guess the entire point of this match was simply to show Hornswoggle in a cow costume. Heath Slater got the win with an Implant DDT.

Winners by pinfall: Slater Gator

ME_099_Photo_19_193219 hornswoggle slater

Heath Slater looks like he’s going to attack El Torito after the match, but Hornswoggle kicks his leg to try to stop him. Slater gets down on his knees and looks like he’s begging for a confrontation. Torito comes from behind and shoves Slater’s head off of Hornswoggle’s udders. They push Slater out of the ring, knocking Titus over in the process. Slater and Titus collect themselves, then run back into the ring to chase the two little people away. Even I have a hard time defending stuff like this.

Luke Harper is shown in an expectedly dark location backstage. Here’s what he says… “You may walk amongst the clouds, but he taught us that in order for you to be saved you must pay for your sins. And tonight the giant comes crashing down.” The camera then pans to Erick Rowan, who is in his creepy mask. “Big Show..RUN!”

Big Show and Erick Rowan still have a match later, but now we’re watching the last few days of events regarding Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. When a feud it this good, I’ll actually pay attention to the recap. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton talk about the crazy antics of Dean Ambrose since Raw went off the air. He apparently refused medical treatment and is on the loose. Make sure you check your car trunks thoroughly, people.

Renee Young Interviews Seth Rollins Backstage

Seth gets a decent heel reaction from the fans in the arena when he’s first shown. Renee asks if he has an explanation for what he did Monday night. Seth expalins that he wasn’t the one to choose the match, the WWE Universe did. The blood is on all of our hands. Seth wonders why we’re worrying about Dean anyway since he’s in some pretty good company. He talks about the WWE Superstars who’ve fallen on tough times. John Cena was demolished by Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Chris Jericho had his return party spoiled by Bray Wyatt. Seth says that the biggest loser is Jack Swagger because he let an entire nation down. Swagger then appears opposite of Seth.

“Look who has his big boy pants on now,” says Swagger. The crowd pops for him. Jack says that Seth talks tough without Big Daddy Kane around. Seth says that Jack talks tough without Grandpa Colter by his side. Seth says that he won his match on Summerslam and it was his foot that put Ambrose’s head through the cinder blocks on Raw. Jack would’ve known that if he wasn’t too busy taking a nap for his country. That was a good insult and Jack gets really in his face at this point.

Swagger says that he’s wide awake right now and he’s done talking. Seth responds by saying if he wants a fight, he’ll fight him…but not tonight. The crowd boos. Seth then says that he’ll see Jack on Friday’s Smackdown. The crowd then cheers for this, because Smackdown is taped and the crowd gets their match Tuesday night. Seth tells Jack he can go hang out with Dean Ambrose on the missing person’s list. Jack walks away laughing and Swagger is heard calling him a coward.

ME_099_Photo_25_194845 big show harper

Big Show (w/Mark Henry) vs. Erick Rowan (w/Luke Harper)

Both competitors make their way to ring before the show cuts to its last commercial break. Back from the break and there’s only 7:30 left in the broadcast. Assuming they don’t fight all the way up until the last second of the show, this will not be a long bout.

Rowan starts with a headlock on Show. Off of an Irish Whip, Show takes down Rowan with a shoulder, then clotheslines him out of the ring. Show rolls out of the ring after him. Show gets sent head-first into the steel post. They battle back in to the ring and Rowan kicks the big man while he’s down. Show caught the last kick and then clotheslines him down. Show backs him into the corner and delivers a loud chop to his chest. Rowan’s shirt is opened up and he’s chopped again. Show takes him into another corner, does the ‘ssshh’ signal to the crowd, then delivers another chop.

Big Show sends him into the opposite corner and runs backside-first into him. Show bounces off of the ropes, but Rowan takes him out at the knee. Rowan runs towards Show, but Show tries to counter by lifting up his foot for the Big Boot. Rowan catches it and drops to his knees to take out the leg. Rowan hits a clothesline and gets pretty fired up. He covers Show only to get a two count.

Michael mentions Henry’s confrontation with Rusev last night. I wonder how they’ll balance these two feuds that he’s in? Rowan is punching on Show and runs hard into him in the corner. Rowan does his knuckle-squeeze onto Show’s head and slams his knee into Show’s back. Show punches his way back into the match and administers a side Russian leg sweep.

They both make their way to standing and Rowan kicks Big Show right in the face, knocking him down. Pinfall for only two. Rowan is squeezing his knuckles onto Show’s temples again. Shows throws Rowan over his own body to break it that time. Another well-timed foot to the face from Rowan to Show. Rowan climbs to the second rope and dives elbow-first into Big Show. Rowan gets a lot of boos at this point. He taunts Show to get up.

Big Show is on his feet and Rowan goes for a body slam on Big Show and he hits it! He did that on Raw and it’s still pretty impressive. Pinfall for only two again. Rowan wants Show to get up again. As he tries to get close to him, Big Show lands a KO Punch onto Rowan. Big Show rolls him over and pins him for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Big Show

Mark Henry gets in the ring to raise The Big Show’s hand in celebration. Luke Harper is outside the ring, looking on like a creeper. The Wyatts look on as Show and Henry start making there way out of the ring. The show ends there.

ME_099_Photo_28_195157 show henry

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

I usually really like Main Event, but tonight was a below average show. The Triple H announcement was huge, but none of the wrestling matches felt special. I’d probably name the opener, Sheamus vs. Axel, as the best match of the night. But even then, it was just there to lay the groundwork for a Sheamus/Cesaro US Championship rivalry. Cesaro did a good job on commentary. I’d like to see him be his own mouthpiece more.

I like being a big Slater Gator fan, but it seemed like the whole point of that tag match was just so Cole and Saxton could crack really bad cow puns. People have been responding well to Slater’s fluke wins in recent weeks, I wish they’d make that more of a thing. Hornswoggle in corny outfits should not be the focus of any segment, even on a B show like Main Event.

The crowd liked chanting “You Sold Out” to Nikki Bella, so kudos to her for getting some heat. The Seth Rollins and Jack Swagger confrontation was interesting. I hope they good a good match on Smackdown.

The main event, Big Show vs. Erick Rowan, was just alright. They didn’t have much time, so I think that was the biggest fault. Erick Rowan’s body slam on Show is an impressive move. I was expecting interference and a melee between all four guys at the end, but that never happened. I hope this is a feud that carries on for a few weeks, but with Henry facing off against Rusev this tag feud might not get that much attention. I hope that’s not the case because I think Henry can deliver the goods in both angles.

What did you think of the show? Comment below with your thoughts and we’ll discuss it. Also, follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson. And if that isn’t enough Mitch for you, check me out at I actually write this review for that site, then repost it here. I will post a news update there at least once a week as well.


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