Al’s Classic Matches: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall Wrestlemania X8

steve austin scott hall wrestlemania 18

Now this was an interesting Pay Per View. The previous year before, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had a legendary main event match for the Heavyweight Championship that ended with Austin winning the belt. Now we’re back to the next year and Austin has a match that isn’t even a title match. This lead to the reason that he “dropped his ball and went home.”

The NWO had invaded the WWE and were looking for some competition. Hogan took on “The Great One,” The Rock, and had a flat out classic. If most fans were asked what the real main event was at WrestleMania X8, they’d say Rock vs. Hogan. Triple H and the Undisputed Champion at that time, Chris Jericho, were the main event and put on a good match…but on to the match I’m talking about, Austin vs. Hall.

scott hall stone cold wrestlemania 18

At the time, people must have been saying to themselves, “Man, Austin deserves better than this,” and at the time I would’ve agreed. Now that I look back on it, what an entertaining match! Two WWE Hall of Famers, still In their prime, putting on a classic. Scott Hall is always gonna be on my list of guys who never got to have the championship belt who darn well should have! This match was a brawl from the moment it started. Both guys gave the crowd a good show and let’s just say this match has my favorite Stone Cold Stunner of All Time! Austin wins, fighting not only Scott Hall but interference from “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash.


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