“Feed Me More” Is More Than Just A Catchphrase For Ryback

Ryback 50lbs

by: Mitch Nickelson

WWE Superstar Ryback (real name Ryan Reeves) is the definition of an absolute hoss in professional wrestling. The master of the Shell Shock spent some time at the top of the card in 2013, feuding with John Cena for several months battling in many WWE Championship matches. Currently, The Big Guy can be found teaming with The Ax Man (Curtis Axel) in the stellar tag team, Rybaxel.

The man who coined the phrase “Feed Me More” not-so-ironically sat down with a website titled First We Feast to talk about his eating habits and quirky stories of that nature. It’s a look into his life that the WWE Universe might not have known that it wanted to know more about. Below are a few notable excerpts.

On former trainer Bill DeMott getting frustrated with Ryback over eating junk food…

  I remember Bill DeMott, who was my original trainer at Deep South Wrestling and is now the lead trainer down there at the Performance Center, would get hot at me over little things. He was like, ‘You’re eating again?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘If you eat that Rice Krispies Treat, I’m going to punch you in the face.’ I said, ‘Punch me in the face. I’m eating this Rice Krispies Treat,’ and he did. He punched me in the face—not as hard as he could but not as soft as he could either.

On Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes ribbing him into going to Panera Bread…

I was set in my ways and I had my road stops that I would go to, and they wanted to go to Panera Bread before a show. It rocked me because I’d go to Subway and get eight grilled chicken breasts on the side, so I can munch on grilled chicken breasts throughout the show. I’m like, ‘What am I going to get at Panera Bread? I’ve never eaten this crap.’ I’d get pissed, and Dan’s like, ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry, we’ll help you with the menu,’ so I get in. I’m looking at the menu and I see all these weird items. I’m already pissed so I’m seeing red to begin with. I’m looking at the menu, but I’m not even looking at the menu. Then, [Daniel and Cody] just disappeared. Then, the lady’s like, ‘Would you like to order?’ and I just remember being so angry. I ordered 60 something dollars worth of food and it was barely anything. Dan and Cody thought it was the greatest thing in the world. It was one time where I’ll give Dan credit: he got me.

On how to to maximize the usefulness of paper plates…

I always load up three, four, five plates—not individual plates, but three or four stacks on top of each other to reinforce my first plate. I put so much food on there, the last thing I want is while I’m walking from the food to the table is [for] the plate to break or slip out of my hand ’cause it bends. There’s that much food on my first plate.

For more info on the eating habits of The Big Guy, make sure to check out the full interview.

For all of the Mitch Nickelson-related wrestling writing on the Internet, follow me on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Until next time, don’t get between Ryback and the chicken breasts at Subway.


3 thoughts on ““Feed Me More” Is More Than Just A Catchphrase For Ryback”

  1. I’m going to have to get my very own Ryback and take him to all of the food challenges here in England. I’m not saying they’d be a challenge to Ryback, I’d just be his Paul Heyman “This is the undesputed fellah of the feast, the big guy Ryback and he’s going to take on your mighty-burger challenge!” “Feed me more!”


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