WWE 2K15 Screenshots

by: Mitch Nickelson

After John Cena claimed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match at the TLC Pay-Per-View a couple of months ago, it was announced on the following Monday Night Raw that he would be the WWE Superstar who would grace the cover of WWE’s upcoming video game, WWE 2K15. The kayfabe ceremony in which this went down effectively promoted the new game and gave in-character heat between Cena and The Authority.

The game is still in development and has a long while until the October 28th release date, but WWE is doing what they can to build excitement in the game that can also double as excitement for their TV programming as well. Case in point, this lovely Sting video that has me salivating over the chance of Sting fighting in a WWE ring…

I haven’t personally been a gamer in years, but I’d give the game a look just off of the Sting buzz alone. Does the game look and play half as good as the buzz lets on? While gameplay is still anybody’s best guess, we’re starting to have our first looks at the graphics…and boy are they good. On August 8th, IGN.com released a few images of The Viper, Randy Orton. Take a look…

I think they nailed it. And while we get a pretty clear shot at John Cena’s computer-generated back, I’m sure there’s someone out there who feels the need to see the flip side of “Cowboy” Bob Orton’s son as well.

That’s a sharp looking game right there. While I’ll reiterate at this point how I’m not too much of a gamer these days, I’ll end this article with an image of my personal favorite video game of all time, Wrestlemania 2000. The N64 was a lucky, lucky, system.

Don’t let the fact that the ropes are going THROUGH MANKIND’S BODY in what is sure to be a highly tortuous feeling, kids. There was more fun in that game than in every version of Halo and Call of Duty combined. And I realize that No Mercy was the N64 followup to Wrestlemania 2000, but No Mercy was inferior because it didn’t have a create-a-belt feature. There are titles in that game that a couple of dudes and I defend to this day.

Are you one of the lucky ones to have played Wrestlemania 2000 as a kid? Comment below with your zeal for that amazing cartridge or hit me up on Twitter @MitchNickelson. Thanks for reading.


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