Del Rio Was Justified

by: Mitch Nickelson

The big wrestling news, highlighted by Mr. Jaxson on this very site yesterday, is that Alberto Del Rio (his real name is Al Rodriguez) was abruptly fired after a backstage altercation. The initial report was that Del Rio slapped someone in the social media department. He didn’t hit another actual wrestler. He didn’t hit Brock Lesnar or someone who’s a legit fighter that could hold their own. So, Alberto is obviously the bad guy in this situation, right?

A day later and we’re starting to have actual details to form our opinions on. Granted, these could still be rumors so it’s advised to take this info with a grain of salt. But here are some details and they don’t make Alberto look like quite so bad of a guy.

According to

Based on sketchy stories and what wrestlers have been talking about, at catering, somebody asked the person to clean off his plate.  The person joked something along the lines of how that’s Del Rio’s job.  Del Rio found out and confronted him.  As the story goes, he  didn’t apologize and then smiled at him, and Del Rio slapped him.

Del Rio should have hit the guy twice. (Not really, but he’s still a tool.)

Seriously, this Social Media Manager basically says a racist comment about Del Rio behind his back and when he was confronted about it, he got all smug and refused to say sorry. I take the smiling comment to mean that the guy laughed in his face, which is probably what it felt like for Alberto.

The still-employed Social Media Manager, who doesn’t view it as wrong with stereotyping Hispanic people as the ‘hired help,’ didn’t see anything childish at all about these comments that were posted on WWE’s official twitter account today…

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions to think that the Social Media Manager, whomever he is, wrote these tweets. But if the ‘manager’ part of his name is a truthful title then they at least are a product of the department that he runs. It seems awfully childish to me that someone who’s vital to the PR of a publicly traded company would use their outlets to smear a man who simply was putting a racist in their place.

I realize I’m forming a very harsh opinion of a person that might truly be a victim. But with all of the info that’s coming out of the dirt sheets, weighed with the reactions that are being blasted from WWE’s social media, the victim/bully roles don’t seem so clear. Sure, violence is never the answer and Del Rio should have never hit the guy. But the man who received the slap is not so innocent. I don’t agree with Del Rio’s handling of the situation but I think his emotions that lead to it might be understandable.

WWE, want to end that H8 that you want none of? Want to be a star? Then get rid of the chumps in your company and not the ones who stand up to them.

That’s easily the harshest opinion piece I’ve ever written about pro-wrestling. Agree with me? Think I’m wrong? Comment below or send your love/hate to @MitchNickelson on twitter. Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Del Rio Was Justified”

  1. This story has been bugging me since it started…

    I’m a bit of a mark for Birdo (Yeah, thank CM Punk for that one). See, he’s in ring one of the most technically gifted men on the planet. He’s a work-horse and he loves the company.

    And when I heard the initial story something didn’t stack up right. The justification sounds more reasonable, but even still, something isn’t sitting right with me. I want to see what the final resolution is, as no doubt something else is going to hit this story.

    I guess we can only watch this space.


    1. I assumed that this was an easy way to cut a salary when money is tight. They had that knee-jerk reaction when Emma was fired and had to rehire her. They had more of a case with Del Rio. Even if the dude he hit was a racist, he still hit him. WWE wrestlers should be extra careful right now because the budget is in a state of constantly needing slimming.

      Del Rio’s in AAA calling WWE racist right now, so he’s doing okay I guess.


      1. A crying shame, too… I will legitimately miss some of the things Del Rio did in the ring. Those enziguri’s were intense x_x;

        Plus with McIntyre gone back to his old promotion too – WWE are being rather… interesting… on their releases.


      2. Del Rio was one of my favorites…especially when he was the heel with the cars and Ricardo. He was always great in the ring. At least he’s still wrestling, but I don’t watch AAA so I’m going to miss out on most of what he does.

        Good for McIntyre. I figure a few solid years on his own and he’ll back in WWE some day. It’s a shame he’s missing out on all the fun that Slater’s having right now, haha.

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