What to do with Ric Flair?

by: Mitch Nickelson

The sixteen-time World Champion, Ric Flair, is an absolute legend in professional wrestling. He brings a presence to the squared circle like no other. He has no trouble talking in front of any crowd and could wrestle for an hour straight in his heyday.

Ric’s currently under WWE contract and has been rumored for months to make a return as a regular on-screen character. But other than a brief segment in Richmond a few weeks back that ended with John Cena handing him the World Championship belt, there’s been no Nature Boy on screen. What gives?

Well, according to the backstage news being reported by rajah.com

The Richmond edition of RAW was originally going to be the beginning of Flair’s return as a regular television character, however the creative team has yet to come up with anything for him.

Wow, so the creative at WWE cannot find anything for Ric Flair to do? That’s awfully surprising.

Rumors went around the dirt sheets recently that WWE wanted to have Flair become a manager for The Miz when he returned. At this time Flair was also pitching ideas to be a manager, but he was thinking of lending his services to one Dolph Ziggler. For whatever reason, neither of these scenarios has come to fruition.

Is it really that hard to find something for Flair to do that both he and WWE agree is a good fit? Maybe they need a little help…and help is what I plan to do!

Below are a few suggestions for the WWE to consider. If they’re simply at a creative impasse, then let me offer some ideas to spur along the process. WWE, please feel free to use any of these ideas and make sure my check is in the mail.

Referee Exclusive To The Diva’s Division

Ric Flair is a ladies’ man. It might be a little creepy in his older age but us fans of many decades still like to think of him as a “kiss-stealing ” son of gun. I don’t want to insult Paige, AJ Lee, and all of the other women who are working hard to showcase they’re in-ring abilities, but I bet the Summer Rae/Layla feud could benefit from Flair’s presence. Have him referee those two if their Fandango drama ever ends (and seriously, end it really soon) in a match of some sort. Then Flair can just keep the black and white striped shirt and continue to officiate whenever the Divas are competing. It might lead to many distracting “Woooos” during the girls’ matches, but that would at least be better than the distracting “CM Punk” chants we currently get.

Manage Roman Reigns

Okay, this one is kind of serious. Back when The Shield was intact and they were feuding with Evolution, Ric came back for one random appearance to turn his back on his former group and give an endorsement to The Shield. It was just one night and wasn’t really mentioned much after that. Now that The Shield has disbanded, it’s clear that the current main-eventer of the group, Roman Reigns, is actually the least polished performer of the three. While I do believe that Roman will find his way and be that face of the company the WWE is hoping that he’ll be, he still has a few steps before he gets there. Having a legend like Flair to follow him around for a bit will really help cover up what weaknesses Roman has, at least on the mic.

What did you think of these suggestions? Are there any winners in the mix or do you have some good suggestions of your own? Comment below or shoot me your thoughts on twitter @MitchNickelson.


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