NWO Reunion Possible Next Week On RAW

by: Mitch Nickelson

In addition to having both Brock Lesnar and John Cena on the August 11th edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE is really pushing for star-power with a return from the original Real American, Hulk Hogan. News of this broke when the Immortal One took the news to social media on Monday morning…

This appearance will in fact be a “Birthday Celebration,” because people who defeat Yokozuna for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania IV immediately after he wins it from Bret Hart are allowed to do these kinds of things. It’s also his 61st birthday on August 11th, so happy birthday to him.

Speculation as to what kind of surprises and guests will take part in this event is only natural. Will Hogan show some baddies like Lana and Rusev what happens when they cross an American who’s said his prayers and taken his vitamins? Will Hollywood Hogan relentlessly shill the WWE Network (only 9.99!)? Will the Hulkster find himself reuniting with past compadres, namely his NWO buddies Hall and Nash?

Apparently that last question about the NWO is looking to become a reality. Because also on social media, DDP Yoga enthusiast Scott Hall added this to the anticipation…

Nostalgia always has the potential to be a blast in professional wrestling, so I am personally looking forward to this. The NWO is one of the most groundbreaking factions in the history of this industry. It made Hulk Hogan cool again and was a major part of the fondly remembered “Monday Night Wars” era. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make this a fun segment for next Monday night.

Scott Hall is the only one to suggest he’s going to be on the show with Hogan next week so far. His NWO reference seems to make a Kevin Nash appearance just as likely. Has Mr. Diesel also shown any social media hints in the past couple of days to indicate his appearance?

Well, no hints at next week from Big Sexy. And considering how desperate Vince and company are to shill the Network at this point, this tweet is a good way to stay in their good graces. And about his tweet…a two minute match with Cesaro is what sealed the WWE Network deal for you? Someone should tell him that his buddy Shawn Michaels is all over that on demand library.

What do you think will happen when Hulk runs wild next Monday night? I’m personally rooting for Damien Sandow decked out in black and white Sting gear lurking in the rafters before Hogan comes out. When the birthday celebration begins, he can come out with a black baseball bat to try to spoil their fun. It’s about the best I can hope for Damien these days.

Comment below if you think Vincent, Buff, or any of the other ‘classic’ NWO-ites should also join in on the fun. Thanks for reading this quickie piece of news and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson.


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