Is WWE Interested In TNA’s Tape Library?

by: Mitch Nickelson

The back and forth debate about whether or not Spike TV has officially ended  negotiations with Dixie Carter’s little wrasslin’ company, TNA, rages on. TMZ originally freported on Sunday night that Spike TV has said definitively that they will not renew Impact Wrestling when their contract expires in October. Either TNA management is delusional or they can spot tough negotiation tactics when they see it, because Dixie sent out this tweet on Monday…

Is this a false hope? Probably not. TNA might not be the ratings guarantee that WWE is, but it still is weekly live programming that draws about a million viewers, even on a bad night. Also, if TNA cannot come to terms with Spike then surely they can find a home on another channel. Their audience would go with them. I find it hard to believe that no cable channel would want that.

But say they do go under…that leaves their more than ten years of footage up for grabs. What would happen to all of that wrestling video? The ideal situation for we the fans is for WWE to purchase it. Not only would that be a great addition to their already loaded WWE Network on-demand library, but documentaries of some of our favorite superstars could tell a complete story. Guys like Kurt Angle, Christian, and Sting would have a proper video done on their careers.

What would something like this cost the WWE? According to

The going rate for tape libraries is approximately $500 per hour of footage. TNA has approximately 1,000 hours of Impact Wrestling footage, so an offer of $500,000 is what they would likely receive.

So, $500 buys WWE an hour of footage. If TNA unfortunately meets its fate, and if the WWE decides to pass on their library, I’m pooling together with about four other people to buy a really good hour of TNA programming. Preferably an hour of some of the early X-Division stuff. I always liked me some Low Ki.


If you could buy an hour of TNA programming, what would it be? Comment below or follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson and let me know.

I’ll be watching WWE Main Event tonight and doing my weekly review for, so look for that over the next day. Thanks again for reading.


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