Buff Bagwell Is Going To Do An Adult Movie

by: Mitch Nickelson

While information is swirling around the wrestling world about TNA’s status with Spike TV (and it’s not looking good), I feel that the world of wrestling fandom is missing out on a much larger story…a much “Buff”-er story, if you will. Here’s is an excerpt from rajah.com

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell is going to be starring in a porn movie, according to TMZ.com.

While I realize that the PG format of this wrestling news and opinions blog is in jeopardy right now, it’s my obligation to keep my readers in the know. So if you’re offended by the content, or the thought of Buff Bagwell in the buff, then I apologize.

You might be asking yourself at this point, “…but wait, isn’t Buff married?” Good question, reader with more than an ounce of morals. Yes, Buff is, in fact, married. Surely his wife is even the slightest bit unsettled at Marcus Bagwell’s new career path, right? Well, the news article clarifies that issue for us…

Bagwell’s wife Judy joined him for the meeting with Vivid, with Hirsch calling a Buff Bagwell adult movie an “absolute blockbuster.”

Aside from this new career move, TMZ says Bagwell has gotten ‘intimate’ with the women he’s paid to ‘spend time with’ as part of his role as a gigolo, which his wife is apparently fine with.

Well, okay then.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to think that former 6-time WCW Tag Team Champions (twice with The Patriot!) would stay just a little more true to their wedding vows. I’d also like to think that their wives would have enough sense to be against life decisions like this. Well, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, he has been a part of some show on Showtime called Gigolos for some time now.


I probably should’ve blogged about Spike potentially cancelling TNA today, shouldn’t I? I’ll try to offer my thoughts on that in the coming days when things become less rumor and speculation and the facts surface a little clearer. In the meantime, keep checking back here as well as following me @MitchNickelson on Twitter. After reading about Buff Bagwell’s hijinks, make sure to read an extra chapter out of your Bible tonight. We’ll all need it.


One thought on “Buff Bagwell Is Going To Do An Adult Movie”

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