Daniel Bryan Subdues Burglar With Rear Naked Choke

by: Mitch Nickelson

As if anyone needed another reason to like Daniel Bryan, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion appears to fight crime when he’s not in the squared circle. According to TMZ.com

Daniel and his wife Brie Bella had just come home Thursday night when they saw 2 men on their way out of their house. The burglars dropped the stuff they were stealing and hightailed it down the street.

D.B. gave chase … the bad guys had a big head start but the champ caught up with one of them and locked him in a rear naked choke for 5 minutes until cops arrived.

Daniel’s feat is all the more impressive because the guy he caught is facing kidnapping charges in another case.

Bryan, who has been off WWE program due to neck and shoulder surgeries, is proving to be quite the Batman. The two culprits were likely Triple H fans, believing the kayfabe that Mr. Danielson is merely a B+ player. (Actually, Bryan remarked that he wasn’t recognized and the man he subdued likely wasn’t a wrestling fan.)

Mrs. Yes!, Brie Bella, recovered a bracelet that was sure to have been stolen if the culprits were successful. The bracelet belonged to Daniel’s dad, who died just a few short months ago.

The neighborhood where the Bryan’s (or Danielson’s, if we’re going with real names) live has been subjected to a rash of burglaries, so many of the Arizona locales were already on the lookout for suspicious activity. Daniel commented that he felt slightly ashamed for taking down the intruder as an armed assailant could have turned the situation deadly. No personal belongings are worth one’s life.

Watch their full press interview with local television media, which is below. Sitting with them is their dog, Jonesie. Their dog was in the house during the home invasion. Brie found the dog hiding in their bathroom. It was shivering from tense nerves of the situation and apparently wet itself.

Thank God that no one was hurt during this altercation, even the intruder. The other thief was able to escape and it still at large.

What a crazy news update, right? Hopefully the wrestling world gets back to more lighthearted fun and spandex. In the meantime, keep up with lots of wrestling news and articles by checking back to here daily. Also, follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson. and you won’t miss any of my writings on here or on TJRWrestling.com.


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