My Brother, My Enemy

by: Rosie Piper

“What CM Punk fails to understand is The Shield cannot be conquered because The Shield cannot be divided.” -Dean Ambrose

“As it pertains to The Shield and this so-called weak link, it’s pretty obvious…there is none.” -Roman Reigns

“We walk in together, we walk out together.” -Dean Ambrose

“We hang out all the time so we do get sick of each other but that’s how brothers are.” -Seth Rollins

We’ve heard all the talk about how Rollins is a traitor. The crowds constantly chant “You sold out!” whenever Rollins steps into the squared circle. If you check out Rollins’ Twitter account, you’ll see numerous comments from those who are angered and saddened by his apparent betrayal. Rollins himself stated that he was the one who held the Shield together and he was the one to destroy it. By all accounts, he’s the bad guy in this situation.

But who is the real villain here?

I propose to you this man instead: Roman Reigns.

Reigns? Why Reigns? Before you grab your pitchforks and torches, hear me out. Right before Seth’s betrayal, Roman took the mic and emotionally declared, “The men standing in this ring are brothers.” After Roman and Dean were unceremoniously beaten in the ring with a metal chair, one would’ve expected the two to band together to get revenge. Instead, Ambrose declared all-out war against Rollins while Reigns decided to focus on a title shot, seemingly forgetting that while one “brother” slipped away, the other was still right there ready to stand by his side.

Reigns Cena

For a man who had loudly proclaimed the unity of his group on multiple occasions, this response seemed awfully surprising. Why wouldn’t he join Ambrose in making Rollins pay for his duplicity? Why would he, for all intents and purposes, appear totally content with his current situation as a singles contender? Why do you never see him engaging in battle with Rollins, either physical or verbal? Why does he totally ignore the fact that he was a “brother” to Dean Ambrose, and instead lets him receive continued abuse from the Authority while not lifting even a finger to help?

Seth delivered the Judas Kiss via a cold, hard, metal chair. He was open about it, and continues to tell the world why he did what he did. Roman, however, delivered the kiss of betrayal in an even more sinister way. He’s content to distance himself from his identity as the Powerhouse of the Shield; the only reminder that he was one part of the Hounds of Justice is his entrance music. Looking at him now, you’d be hard pressed to think on his “brothers” comment without wondering how sincere he was.

To me, it looks like Reigns was just waiting on his opening to leave, and once Rollins made his move, Reigns was free. He didn’t care that Seth was gone, and he didn’t care that Dean was left behind. That makes him the real villain in this drama.


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