By: Al N Jaxson

It’s your boy Al here. Hope you guys are loving my and Mitch’s blog. We kinda like wrestling a lil’ bit.

Anyways, how about that Dean Ambrose, huh? I’ve gotta say, WWE would have a bigger gap to fill without Ambrose than they have with Punk gone. Ambrose is the best guy in the business right now and that’s saying a lot with the amount of talent WWE has right now. Seth Rollins is certainly coming out on his own nicely. Rollins has all the tools and is well on his way to becoming a Hall of Fame talent. Yes, he’s that good. Certainly Roman Reigns is not to be taken lightly, but what makes Dean Ambrose the breakout star of the Shield? His charisma and crazy unpredictability make him a “loose cannon,” a term used to describe the late Brian Pillman.

When Dean Ambrose is on the Titantron or giving a promo, you have no choice but to have your eyes glued to the screen. Just like Ric Flair, The Rock, or Rowdy Roddy Piper, when they talk, are you gonna get up and go grab a Pepsi out of the fridge? Absolutely not. He commands attention.

Ambrose’s ring skills are second to none as well. He can put on a match with the best in the business. No one takes a beating like Ambrose does. The assault he took from Kane, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton on Raw a couple weeks ago was brutal, and Ambrose made it look that way. It’s called selling, folks. We all know wrestling isn’t real and that’s the fun of it. It’s an art. How much better is a Stone Cold Stunner if the one taking the Stunner makes it look amazing? We’ve all seen the stunners that Vince McMahon took — not pretty. The Rock knew how to make a Stunner look beautiful. Look at Scott Hall vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Wrestlemania 18: Hall doesn’t just take Austin’s Stunner, he explodes from it! Flying in the air. Now that’s art, folks. If you can make it look real, then you’re a great wrestler. Dean Ambrose had me believing that he was straight up getting the crap kicked out of him. Awesomeness.

So, now we have a feud we can really sink our teeth into and enjoy. Rollins vs Ambrose. It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan. Mitch and Al are loving it right now, y’all. Let me know what you think of Mr. Ambrose with a comment down below. Later, y’all!


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