Rybaxel To Split Up? (A Nation In Mourning)

by: Mitch Nickelson

Any reader who follows my writing regularly knows just how much I mark out for Rybaxel. The Big Guy, Ryback, and The Ax Man, Curtis Axel, have been a couple of bully meat-heads trying their best to gain ground in the sometimes competitive WWE tag-team division.

Creative even seems to be positioning them to possibly challenge The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Summerslam. After a win over the team of Kofi Kingston and Big E on Monday Night’s Raw, announcers mentioned that they might expect a shot in the near future. Ryback then defeated one-half of the champs, Jey Uso, in a singles match the next night on Main Event. Fans who live in the Rybaxel Universe are realizing that gold might be just around the corner. Well, we were until this sad piece of news was reported on yesterday at rajah.com

It is being said that WWE is considering splitting up the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel in the near future. There is no exact timetable on when, but the plan at this point definitely seems to be to end the team.

Well, that sucks. Will they quietly disband or will the team end in a blaze of glory?

To be honest, I realize they aren’t marquee players like the Wyatt Family. Fans have been lukewarm to these guys for awhile with the exception of the occasional “Feed Me More” and “Goldberg” chants. And while I think they’re the bee’s knees, I realize that they’re probably heel placeholders to fill the void that Harper and Rowan have left now that their feud with the Usos is over. Rybaxel will probably tango with the Champs only until The Ascension moves up to the main roster from NXT. My only hope is that they get a Summerslam match out of it in the meantime.

The thought of this stellar team being no more might be enough to warrant sackcloth and ashes for millions. But for now, let’s all just remember the good times…


Thanks for reading! I hope you love The Ax Man and The Big Guy as much as I do, haha. Remember to follow @MitchNickelson on twitter.


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