WWE Confuses Rey Mysterio For Sin Cara

by: Mitch Nickelson

Tonight on the WWE Network, Wrestlemania Rewind (an exceptionally good show) will focus on pro-wrestling’s ultimate underdog, Rey Mysterio. Rey has a storied career that begins about two decades ago. He was one of the triumphs of WCW’s innovative cruiserweight division and would experience even greater success in WWE. Rey was the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and has become a three-time world champion. He is in the latter stages of a Hall of Fame career. He is beloved by the WWE Universe and is an instantly recognizable crowd-favorite.

Well, maybe not so recognizable to individual(s) who run WWE Network’s facebook page. Earlier today, they posted this image to promote tonight’s show…

Rey Mysterio IS Sin Cara

WWE clearly posted a picture of Sin Cara instead of Rey Mysterio. Did they not know the difference between the two? Yes, the two are both smaller, masked, Mexican-ish wrestlers, but any WWE fan has no trouble distinguishing between them. Does this give credence to accusations of racism (or mask-ism) in the Vince McMahon’s company?

Or just maybe, WWE has trouble confusing ALL minorities with each other. Everyone assumes that Rey Mysterio was confused for Sin Cara. But did WWE in fact confuse Mysterio, the really small high-flyer, for Titus O’Neil, the much bigger (and slightly darker toned) brawler?

Personally, I don’t consider this racist, just a little careless. WWE might have even of done this on purpose just to get a rise out of Internet commentators like myself who will pick this one careless post apart over and over again. Indirectly, the news of Rey’s episode of Wrestlemania Rewind gets advertised to a far bigger audience than if they didn’t screw up in the first place. Ask yourself, would you have known about Rey’s show tonight if I hadn’t ranted about their error? Well played, WWE.

Don’t forget to follow me @MitchNickelson on Twitter. I try to post new content almost daily and that’s the best place to not miss anything. Yesterday, a big piece on all of Damien Sandow’s comedy segments that I’ve written was posted up at TJRWrestling.com. It’s called “When Life Gives Damien Sandow Lemons” and I really enjoyed writing it.

Main Event is on the WWE Network tonight (right before the Rey Mysterio special), so I’ll be writing my weekly review for that. I’ll post the link on my twitter tomorrow, so look for it. Thanks again for reading!


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