Ric Flair Bloodies Bray Wyatt, Bray Takes It Like A Champ

by: Mitch Nickelson

(Author’s Note: I’ve strayed a little from the typical PG format on today’s blog. There are a few images of graphic nature. It’s just blood, which shouldn’t shock the average wrestling fan, but I wouldn’t feel too good about posting these without a warning.)

About a week ago, Bray Wyatt took a stiff shot from wrestling legend Ric Flair at a house show in MSG that caused the pretend cult leader to bloody in an unplanned moment. His eye was swollen shut and kudos were given to WWE’s makeup team for getting this guy looking as good as he did by Monday Night Raw. In case you missed it, here’s a closer look at Bray, mid-Sister Abigail…

While this is a slightly old news item to comment on, Bray’s comments to a local (to Tampa, Florida) radio station are hot off the press! Bray seems to take his licks like a man…

“I look at it as an honor,” said Wyatt. “Madison Square Garden. Ric Flair. John Cena. At the end of a long, long, long war, a little [bruise] is not so bad. I’m used to having stitches and things all over my body, so I didn’t even know I was bleeding.” Wyatt concluded, “I thought I was blind!”

Backstage reports have been nothing but praise throughout the week for how Bray handled the botch by Flair. While this injury was unplanned and completely an accident, many of wrestling’s most famous images of blood were just part of the show. I figured that this would be an opportune time to look back at a couple of the more memorable moments of blading that I can recall…

Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart
Wrestlemania 13

This was a submission match that Austin ended up losing. But it is how he lost that made for one of the most iconic moments in the history of this business. Austin was subjected to the Sharpshooter as Bret was determined to make Austin tap out. He was relentless. Austin, however, refused to tap out, no matter the pain. He was bleeding from his forehead, which really helped emphasize his suffering. As he tried with every ounce of strength he had to power out of the move, his face of agony became more and more painted with his own blood. He ultimately passed out from the pain, never tapping out or saying “I quit.” He was the heel walking into that match, but he walked out with the respect of every fan watching. That moment helped launch the Austin era.

Michaels WM 20 Bloody

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
Wrestlemania 20

Shawn Michaels is the one who bleeds in this match. He actually bleeds in a LOT of matches and it can be gruesome often. But this match is especially memorable to me because of how much of a fan of Benoit I was at the time.

Chris tries to put Shawn in a Sharpshooter, but can’t because Shawn struggles too much. Instead, Chris catapults Shawn into the corner ring post. This was an absolutely perfectly timed blade job. Within seconds of stammering away from the corner, Shawn’s forehead immediately starts gushing. He timed it so well. But like with many of Michaels’ attempts at blood in a match, it’s extremely over the top and graphic.


Have I grossed you readers out much today? I apologize, I’ll try to not write about things so gruesome in the future. In the meantime, check out the official Mitch and Al preview of tonight’s event, WWE Battleground. We’re both looking forward to many of the matches and expect it to be a solid show.

Look me up on twitter and give me a follow @MitchNickelson. Expect a really big article about Damien Sandow’s baffling Halloween-every-week gimmick to get published around Monday-ish to TJRWrestling.com by yours truly. And as always, go to church.


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