Jim Ross and CM Punk Are An Announce Dream Team

jim ross cm punk
by: Mitch Nickelson

If you’re a regular listener of Jim Ross’s Ross Report podcast (and you should be…it’s superb) then you’ve heard JR pitching a few intriguing ideas during this week’s edition regarding where his future might lead. He threw out the idea of announcing for TNA and says that his agents have been discussing projects with MMA companies. But one idea in particular really stood out to me and it involves the current Mr. AJ Lee. He recalls this idea in an interview that happened today with Between The Ropes...

I did my podcast this week and said you know, crazy idea what if CM Punk and I joined forces and made a broadcast team and did an internet pay-per-view for a New Japan show. Something completely off the tracks. An not do it in a studio but go to Tokyo or go wherever the event was held. Be there as the English speaking crew. We might be the version of the Spanish announce table.


This has led to much speculation of just how long us fans have to wait before something that sounds so amazing will happen. But before everyone jumps to too many conclusions, JR emphasizes that this is hardly a plan that is set in stone…

And I just threw that out there and know I’ve got all kinds of people ‘oh, when are you and CM Punk. when did you talk to Phil’. Well, I haven’t talked to Phil. I made it clear on the podcast this is fantasy booking. I said this will get people talking. Well, here’s a good one for you. This will get people talking. Watch how this works. And then I laid it out: New Japan is doing these pay-per-views and they want to air them in the States. They’re inexpensive and all this good stuff. CM Punk is going to be available to do some stuff one of these days. And I’d love to work with him as the analyst of a pro wrestling match or a MMA fight.

Well, shucks. This is all just fantasy booking. We can all dream that this could one day happen, but this has a ton of big hurdles to jump over before it can ever become a reality. Would this be an amazing announce duo? Absolutely. Jim Ross is arguably the greatest announcer in pro-wrestling history. He’s easily the best in my lifetime. He continues to prove how skilled he is on the microphone as his weekly podcast is highly praised.


As for CM Punk, he is one of the most gifted entertainers this business has ever seen. He’s a natural when it comes to the gift of gab as has been demonstrated time and time again. People love to hear him speak bluntly and honestly. His ‘Pipe Bombs’ are legendary moments of live television.

The biggest hurdle in all of this might be Punk’s self-imposed hiatus from wrestling. While he has seemingly acknowledged that he his retired, this writer would bet money that he’ll come back to the wrestling world. It might not be anytime soon, though. And if it’s not soon, then the window of opportunity for this pairing might be limited.

My suggestion is for Jeff Jarrett to get on this. He will be starting up his brand new promotion, Global Force Wrestling, within the next year. He will need some big names to pique the interest of fans to want to tune in. If his show can bring in those two guys to call the action, that will guarantee a big audience right from the get-go.

Sure, this is all fantasy booking and I probably shouldn’t put too much stock in this happening…but Jim Ross started it.

What do you think? Will Jim Ross and CM Punk ever announce together? Comment here or look me up on twitter @MitchNickelson.

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That’s all for me tonight. I hope you enjoyed the read. And as always, church on Sunday and Raw on Monday.


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