Main Event Review For July 15th, 2014

Main Event

by: Mitch Nickelson

(Note from Mitch: This review is originally posted at Go check it out there, as well as a ton of other great articles by a fantastic team of authors.)

Live from Fayetteville, North Carolina, it’s WWE Main Event! Announcers, like always, are Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton. I am Mitch Nickelson, and I will be walking you through tonight’s festivities. Expect some salty banter from me along the way, because that’s how I do these.

The only match that I’m aware of being announced for tonight’s show is Sheamus vs. The Miz. The Miz pinned Sheamus on Raw the night before, so that earned him this rematch. I don’t understand why that didn’t earn him a shot at the US Championship, but maybe they’ll add in that stipulation later.

While this doesn’t feel like as big of an announced matchup as we’ve had in previous weeks, The Miz has been a welcome return to WWE programming. He’s an A-List celebrity now and he’s worried about his movie-star face. It was pretty funny that they both wrestled with The Miz’s mug displayed on the Titan tron for their match yesterday. Let’s get to the show.

The Miz walks out and acts like he’s pointing to legions of adoring fans. He’s dressed is a nifty blue outfit. That is not wrestling gear that he has on. I just realized that this is a MizTV segment. The Intercontinental Championship is on display at ringside.


MizTV – Sheamus Doesn’t Like Miz’s Moneymaker

The Miz thanks the fans. He says that Lebron James isn’t the only person with a big announcement. His announcement is in the form of a letter. He retrieves his letter as the fans boo him. He casually says, “Thank you” back to them. He reads his letter, reminding fans of his Wrestlemania headlining match. He mentions his past movies as well as his upcoming Marine 4 role.

“People have seen me grow up. I sometimes feel like I’m your son, spelled s-u-n, cause I’m the center of your universe.” Haha, that was a great line.

He wants to inspire us when he can. He owes that to us. He’s going to leave his dying city of Cleveland behind. It’s small-minded and he wants to remind kids of better places, like Hollywood. He says that he’ll earn the Intercontinental Title at Battleground. He finishes his talk by saying, “I’m The Miz, I’m from Hollywood, and I’m…a star.”

Sheamus now comes in and says that he speaks for everyone as he tells Miz to drive straight into the Pacific Ocean. The Miz tells him that he’s jealous. Sheamus asks what he could be jealous of. Miz removes his sunglasses and says that he’s jealous of “The Moneymaker.” He of course motions to his face when he says this. The Miz is hilarious right now. I’m about to make a last minute campaign to give this man the Intercontinental Title.

Sheamus laughs and says that his Moneymaker is making people ask for their money back. He says that his next major movie title should be called “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” because of what he’ll do to Miz’s Moneymaker then. Sheamus then asks why he should wait as he goes for the Brogue kick. The Miz narrowly escapes as Sheamus stands tall in the ring.

Graphics are shown to hype the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championship matches at Battleground. Also, Big E teams up with Kofi Kingston to take on one of my personal favorite tag teams right now, Rybaxel. I’m expecting The Big Guy and The Ax Man to bring their A-games tonight…like they always do, of course.


Emma vs. Cameron

Fresh out of prison, or wherever you go when you shoplift a twenty dollar item at Wal Mart, Emma makes her way to the ring doing her goofy arm dance. Naomi has joined the announce team and talks about her feud with Cameron, who’s making her way to the ring now.

Emma goes for a cross body to Cameron and runs into a stiff set of legs as Cameron blocks her. Later, Cameron shoves on Emma’s face repeatedly while she locks her in an abdominal stretch. Emma goes for her version of Tajiri’s Tarantula submission on the ropes, but Cameron avoids the move and throws her to the outside. Cameron takes a moment to smack-talk Naomi on the outside instead of attacking her opponent. When they get back into the ring, Emma does a quick roll-up for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Emma

As I’m missing Santino a little, Cameron flips out and wails on Emma. Naomi runs in for the save as she chases her former partner away. These two will fight on the pre-show of this Sunday’s Battleground event.

Sheamus and The Miz will still face off later. The tag team match that has Ryback and three other guys is up next.


Rybaxel vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston

Ryback and Curtis Axel come out first. They have matching red skull caps because that strikes fear in the hearts of nerds. Big E comes out next, clapping chalk into the air like always. His partner Kofi comes out next.

When Big E and Curtis Axel face off, they stare for a second and the announcers point out that Big E was the man who defeated Axel for his Intercontinental Championship. I couldn’t hear exactly what Axel said to Ryback when he tagged him in, but he definitely said the words “Big Guy” when he did it. That made me happy.

Big E and Ryback are two huge guys to face off. When Big E did a shoulder tackle to him, the crowd popped for it. He later did an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to The Big Guy as well. Kofi ran off the ropes and was catapulted outside as he took out both of his opponents. This brought on a commercial break.

Back from the break and Big E is slamming his shoulder into Ryback over and over and over. He goes over to Axel and massively slams him into the ring. Outside of the ring and Ryback distracts Big E as Axel does a diving axe-handle onto Big E to stop his momentum.

The two meat-heads do tandem knees into Big E in the corner. That’s the mark of a couple of tag-team specialists. “We want Kofi” chants are heard as Rybaxel keeps Big E from making the tag. Rybaxel does a great job of isolating Big E away from Kofi.


Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Big E back body drops him to turn the tides. He finally gets the hot tag to Kofi who flies into the ring, taking out anything that moves. Axel gets taken down and then meets the Boom Drop. He signals for the Trouble In Paradise, but Ryback distracts him from connecting. Kofi gets a top rope cross-body and then Ryback stops the pinfall attempt. There’s several big move attempts by all four members, but Kofi finally nails the Trouble in Paradise on Axel and pins for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Big E and Kofi Kingston

Tom Phillips and Byron Sexton talk about WWE 2k15. We get to see the great Sting ad that they did for it. A WWE Championship belt was on display by a player at the MLB Home Run Derby yesterday. I really don’t follow baseball, so I don’t know if that was the guy who won it or not. Feel free to clue me in by posting in the comments below.

There’s a video package promoting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way match this Sunday. I’m not expecting it to be a great match or anything. At least I’m not getting my hopes up. I am excited about several other matches on the card, though.

Renee Young Interviews The Miz

Renee asks the Miz how he feels about facing Sheamus tonight. The Miz tells Renee that Sheamus wants all that he has, just like every other WWE Superstar. Sheamus is trying to damage the WWE’s most valuable asset, The Moneymaker (he motions to his face while saying that line). He’s not just a WWE Superstar, he’s a Reality TV star and he’s a movie star. He’s a bright, shining 1,000 watt mega-star. Tonight, like at Battleground, The Miz is putting his money on The Miz. He puts his sunglasses on and says “Ciao.” Renee looks disgusted by all that The Miz is. I love this guy.

Flo Rida will be on Raw next Monday. Chris Jericho takes on Luke Harper on this Friday’s Smackdown.


Sheamus vs. The Miz

The Miz is in the ring, wearing sunglasses and pointing to his adoring fans. Sheamus comes out and the announcers tell us about his intentions to unify his title with the Intercontinental Championship. I guess this match isn’t for Sheamus’ US Championship after all.

The Miz seems cautious in the beginning, protecting his face every chance he can. The announcers call Miz’s face on the big screen during his match on Raw, “product placement.” The Miz acts like a cowardly heel and escapes to the outside. He comes back into the ring and wails on Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus turns the tides with a shot to the stomach.

Sheamus delivers a rough clothesline to Miz. Miz breaks free again and escapes to the outside. The fans boo him for this. Miz snaps Sheamus’ neck on the top rope as he enters the ring. A top rope double axe-handle ends with Sheamus reversing with a strike to the mid-section.

Sheamus goes for the Ten Beats of the Bowery and Miz fights hard to protect to his face in the process. Sheamus only gets about five strikes in the process. Miz again finds respite on the outside.  Sheamus runs after him this time and knocks him down. Miz dropkicks Sheamus’ knees as he tries to get back in the ring. Miz whips him into the barricade.

The ref goes for the ten-count on Sheamus, but he gets back in before getting counted out. I lose track of the play-by-play a little in the final few minutes, but it’s typical brawling and setting up for finishers.

Sheamus finds himself ready to administer the Brogue Kick. Miz simply bends over and clutches his face to guard his Moneymaker. Sheamus rolls up The Miz and gets his win back.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus


Sheamus goes over to the Intercontinental Title and poses with it, along with his US Championship. The show ends there.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

I’ve been really positive about tonight’s show and I can blame that entirely on The Miz. He’s really funny with his Hollywood A-Lister gimmick. Sheamus and Miz don’t have classic matches together or anything, but they do well. Sheamus is a tough brawler and The Miz is really protective of his pretty-boy face, so it works for me. Renee Young was only on the show briefly, but she played off Miz well with a simple facial expression.

I like Rybaxel and wish they’d be given an actual rivalry from time to time. Kofi and Big E have good chemistry, so the four of them are good filler. Emma and Cameron had a short, decent match. I like that the women’s division seems to be putting the focus where it needs to be on, on the wrestling.

I don’t really grade these shows and don’t plan on starting, but this was a solid episode of Main Event. It didn’t have the star power this week that it has on some editions, but everything was good to above average. Nothing was bad and sometimes that’s good enough for me.

Follow me on twitter @MitchNickelson. Also, I’ve been doing short, more frequent blogging over at That’s all for me this week, take care.


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