The Fans Were Too Hard On Batista, Says Mick Foley

foley batista

by: Mitch Nickelson

In a recent blog posted today to Mick Foley’s official Facebook account, the hardcore legend makes a strong case for why the WWE Universe should take it easy on “The Animal” Batista. Here are a few excerpts, followed by my witty and brilliant analysis.

He was simply the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time…They (the fans) just didn’t want anyone but Daniel Bryan to walk out of that match (the 2014 Royal Rumble) as the winner. Unfortunately, the fans directed their anger at Batista personally. And that’s wrong. – Mick Foley

I have to slightly disagree with Mick on this one. While the issue of Batista returning to take a high profile (and high paying) Wrestlemania main event did sour some fans (and CM Punk), many fans ultimately came to appreciate Batista. The initial ire was the fault of the horribly miscalculated booking of him in the babyface role. But after several awkward weeks, Batista started to recite the words “Deal with it” and his character finally started to click. He’s a bad guy, and a darn good one at that.

Bluetista wwe blue

Hey, I laughed too at #Bootista and #Bluetista. But Dave’s a good guy, who worked hard to carve out a legacy inside WWE – and he deserved better than what he got.

What didn’t he get? He came in expecting to be the top guy, as a babyface. After several audibles were called on the booking end, he was easily the top heel in the company. He initially won the Royal Rumble and still found himself headlining Wrestlemania. He was still at the top of the company and honestly, he never seemed to be concerned whether it was the role of fan favorite or not.

Batista is out of action from the WWE right now, currently promoting his soon to be blockbuster Marvel movie with that really funny dude from Parks and Recreation. Batista will make a lot of money from that and he’ll likely have future opportunities from Hollywood. He’ll come back to the WWE as well, most likely in the next couple of months, and find himself at the top of the card again.

Did he get an unfair shake from the fans when he first came back? Maybe. But if we’re talking about the fans being unfair to anyone in the Royal Rumble on account of Daniel Bryan, why not go out of your way and defend this guy pictured below? Remember the unfortunate number 30?

Rey Mysterio 619 Image-7

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