Is The World Heavyweight Title Retired?


by: Mitch Nickelson

According to, WWE might have retired the World Heavyweight Championship last night on Raw. Is that what happened?

Following Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, there’s been a lot of speculation that the “big gold” World Heavyweight championship belt is being retired.

During the opening segment, John Cena did a hard sell for the WWE Network, told fans there’s one major reason to order the Network and held up the WWE Championship belt. Later in the show, after Ric Flair cut a promo, John Cena greeted him on the stage and presented him with the World Heavyweight title. He told Flair to “keep it” and went to the ring with just the WWE Championship belt.

Later in the night, JBL made reference to there being “only one title” now.

flair wcw championship

So, did WWE retire the historic “Big Gold Belt?” Honestly, I didn’t think that was what was happening when I first saw these segments, but now that all of these ‘clues’ have been laid out before me, I think the World Heavyweight Championship might be gone.

The belt was handed off to Ric Flair, because his 16 World Championships were supposed to be represented in that belt. Even though they kind of weren’t. Chris Jericho unified the WCW and WWF titles over a decade ago and technically the current WWE Championship still has that lineage. The big gold belt was later brought out as the World Championship for RAW during the brand extension, but the WWE Champion was never defeated to un-unify the titles. I realize I’m being petty over lineages of fake titles, but darn-it this matters to me!

jericho undisputed

Truthfully, it was silly to have two belts for one champion. Daniel Bryan commented about how he actually wore himself out when he raised both of those belts in celebration. A championship belt is heavy; two are twice as heavy.

The next big of speculation is that the remaining title belt, the one formerly known as the WWE Championship, will be phased out as well. There should be a brand spanking new belt debuting in the coming months that will be the one and  only WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We can expect that new logo to be prominently displayed on it, too.

Once again, thanks for reading the my daily musings from the world of wrestling. Keep up with the world of Mitch and Al by following me (Mitch) on twitter @MitchNickelson . I’ll be watching and reviewing Main Event tonight, expect to see it pop up at sometime tomorrow.  And as always…church on Sunday, Raw on Monday.


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