Will Sting Be On Raw This Monday? (AND SYCHO SID?!)

Sting 7566 - baseball_bat charles_robinson monday_nitro pointing referee sting wcw

by: Mitch Nickelson

The internet has been abuzz over the past few days due to a highly cryptic tweet sent out by the legendary Sting. Here’s the simple message that has led to rampant speculation…

That date will arrive this coming Monday. Sting chose not to renew his contract with TNA when it ran out this past year. It’s also been well publicized that he’s been offered a contract by the WWE. This is most likely a legends contract similar to that of RVD or The Undertaker. Regardless, he has yet to sign it.

Has he finally come to terms with WWE? Will the former WCW Heavyweight Champion make his long-anticipated debut on Raw? More importantly, is he excited for the seven year anniversary of Mitch Nickelson and his lovely bride? (That’s really my anniversary, haha.)

While everyone will be sure to tune in Monday night and see if anything comes of this, the internet has failed to notice another enigmatic tweet sent out by a former World Champion from the 1990s…


Could this identical tweet signal something slightly less enticing for those of hoping to see Sting in a WWE ring before he hangs up his boots for good?


It was around this time last year that The Ultimate Warrior made a big announcement about being involved with WWE 2K14. With the cover of 2K15 being revealed over the past couple of weeks, maybe hopes shouldn’t be raised too high. Still, we can dream.


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