Scott Steiner Talks The Rock, Current WWE Product


by: Mitch Nickelson

Rodolfo Roman is an individual I’ve never heard of before right now. But I am jealous, because he sat down with Freakzilla himself, Scott Steiner, for an interview. If you wish to watch it in its entirety, skim to the bottom of this article and have at it. But before you do, read some quick thoughts on a few excerpts that I found interesting.

On not getting the chance to feud with The Rock:
“I wrestled everyone. The first time I went to the WWE back in 2003 I wanted to go against The Rock. That never happened. He is one of the top guys of all time. The box office shows that. He was one of the most talented wrestlers there is. That’s the one guy I wanted to start off with. Vince brought all of the WCW guys up but basically Vince basically treated us like s***…treated us all the same. But they destroyed everything… me, Goldberg, Nash were all treated the same way.”

Personally, I think the one guy that should have faced off against The Rock but didn’t was DDP. Dallas was the People’s Champ in WCW at the same time that Rock was the People’s Champ in Vince’s company. Instead, his character got packaged as a stalker, then later repackaged as a goofy motivational speaker. It always boggled my mind why they didn’t just let him be the DDP of WCW.

I disagree with him on Vince’s treatment of him, Nash, and Goldberg. All three of those guys were pretty much inserted into main event spots on arrival. Steiner was put in a immediate program against Triple H, for Buff Bagwell’s sake. I remember that feud being dumb, with those two doing silly segments every week like arm-wrestling and push-up contests, and also a pose-down (pictured below!). But as silly as these spots were, HE WAS FEUDING WITH TRIPLE H.

hhh steiner

(Okay…the pose-down was really, really silly.)

Goldberg did not have unfair treatment, either. I’d say he even had a moderately successful run. He was given plenty of high profile matches. His first match ever in WWE was a PPV win versus The Rock. He even had a run with their World Championship, defeating Triple H for it at Unforgiven ’03. I’m not sure why Big Poppa Pump chose to include Goldberg’s name in his list of ex-WCW guys who got treated unfairly, but it’s just not true.

Kevin Nash could hardly be described as given an unfair shake, too. He had several World Championship opportunities in 2003, even defeating champion Triple H by DQ at the Judgment Day PPV that year.

I like Scott Steiner, but I just had to counterpoint that statement. DDP might have an argument for “being destroyed”, but not Scott Steiner.

On WWE’s current product:
“That PG s*** is hard to watch. It doesn’t make sense. You got South Park serving up a storm. You got all these shows. Wrestling was the first natural reality show. We created that genre. That was reality TV live. It started with RAW in the Manhattan Center.”

Considering how scripted most reality shows actually are, I think Scott’s got a point here. But as far as the PG comment goes, I, as a parent of two young children, like how toned down the product is compared to when I was a teenager. I want to watch WWE with my son and I have to be cautious as it is with things that might be too violent.

If anything, I wish WWE would go even more kid-friendly. Raw still has an occasional curse word. My son actually repeated one that Triple H said once. If WWE wanted to drop the PG and go G, I’d be all for it.

Like promised, here’s the full interview. Don’t forget to follow me @MitchNickelson and check out all the articles on this site. We try to keep lots of current stuff up, so check back often. Here it is, for all of Steiner’s freaks and peaks. (Did I remember his catchphrase right?)


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