Daniel Bryan: Too Crude At MITB?


by: Rosie Piper

(Originally posted by Rosie Piper on Daniel Bryan’s official Facebook wall)

I wanted to first tell you that you are my son’s favorite wrestler. He’s only two, but he gets excited when he hears your music start and he makes sure we all chant, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He even dressed up as you for Halloween last year.

However, I also wanted to tell you that I think you did him (and your other fans, especially the younger crowd) a disservice at Money in the Bank on Sunday during your segment with Bo Dallas. I was very unimpressed with how you treated Bo, and the play on his name, calling him a slang term for an erection, was immature and crude. I’m sure many of your teenaged and adult fans thought it was hilarious, but my family and I were disappointed with how rude you were.

Quite simply, you were a bully, and I don’t want my son to see that behavior and think it’s cool because he thinks you’re cool. I’m sure it was scripted by the writers, and I’m sure it made for good TV (the crowd seemed to find it hilarious at the PPV and also on Raw the following evening), but we were simply disappointed.

I hope you’ll reconsider your approach to some of your lines when they’re given to you, and remember that you’re in a position to make a large impression on some very impressionable people. Please let it be the right one.


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