Main Event Review for June 24th, 2014

Main Event

Live on the WWE Network, it’s Main Event! Our show is broadcasted out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tonight. Like usual, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are the announcers. And who am I? I am Mitch Nickelson, your opinionated reviewer. And considering I’m the 7th ranked point-getter in the pro-wrestling category for the state of West Virginia on the Quiz Up app, you can take all that I write as gospel. Not THE Gospel, mind you. I only deal in lower case g’s on Tuesday nights. Anyways, on with the show.

The announcers say that Roman Reigns will have a sit down interview with Renee Young later in the show. There’s a big six-man tag match advertised for as well. Everyone that’s in the traditional Money In The Bank contract match, minus Dean Ambrose, will face off along face/heel lines.

Dolph Ziggler Wants Lightning to Strike Twice

Dolph is in the middle of the ring, climbing to the top as the camera pans around him. He looks up at the briefcase as the crowd chants favorable for him. He says that the briefcase is a symbol that you’ve made it. It means that your life changes in an instance. He knows all about that.

“Two years ago, it was me.” He pauses as he reflects on that moment. He said that event started him on a path that led to his cash-in on the night after Wrestlemania 29 when he successfully defeated Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. (I was just then getting back into wrestling around that time. I didn’t know much about Ziggler and that crowd reaction was amazing. I didn’t know who this guy was but he definitely seemed like a star.)

The crowd chants, “Let’s go Ziggler!” Ziggler says that because of the fans, that was the greatest moment of his life. Somehow, someway, he says that lightning will strike twice. He says that this Sunday isn’t about stealing the show, “…it’s about taking what’s mine.”

RVD’s music hits as the advertised tag match seems to be happening now.

Dolph Ziggler, RVD, and Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter), Wade Barrett, and Seth Rollins

(I normally attempt play-by-play during the matches, but I’ll just watch this one and do a summary afterward. This seems like it would be a little too difficult to keep up with and I’m already watching this a couple hours late.)

This was a fast-paced match that did a decent job at being a preview match for Money In The Bank. I recall RVD selling well and Kofi appearing to be highly athletic. Last night’s match on Raw was better. It’s not really fair to compare the two, especially since this is the JV ladder match, but the Championship ladder match was able to piece together that solid ending sequence with about a dozen signature moves back-to-back.

Kofi must have seen how well RVD took Rollin’s Curb Stomp on Raw and thought he could do the same, because he sold it well. They replayed it from a couple of different angles after the match was over and it looked good from all of them. Rollins got the pin off of that move.

Winner by pinfall: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins won against RVD last night and he got a pinfall win tonight. That’s some pretty strong booking immediately before a pay-per-view. I wonder if that will equal him not winning on Sunday? He’s still a favorite. I shouldn’t over think it.

After the match, Swagger decides to be a jerk. He throws Kofi out of the ring and puts his Patriot Lock on Ziggler. Barrett slams RVD with a ladder outside. Ziggler was able to escape from Swagger, but Barrett comes in the ring and uses the ladder to knock Dolph to the outside. He hits Swagger with the ladder then knocks him out cold via Bull Hammer. He grabs his Intercontinental belt and points up toward the briefcase up above him. His music plays.

Byron and Tom want to turn the attention to the love triangle between Fandango, Summer Rae, and Layla. I’d rather we not. They do it anyway.

Fandango’s One and Only Dance Partner

After replaying the kiss between Summer and Fandango on Smackdown, Fandango and Layla are seen backstage. There’s some tension, but Fandango comes prepared. He gives her a rose and tells her that she’s the only one who’s danced her way into his heart. She will always be his one and only dance partner. He goes to kiss her and they make out as we go to break. Later, we’ll see a recap of the Vicki stuff from Raw.

Back from the break and Daniel Bryan’s face is shown. He’ll be on the pre-show of Money in the Bank. The Vicki Guerrero events are shown now. I missed a ton of Vicki’s tenure in WWE, but I’ve really liked her the past couple of years that I’ve been back into it. She always looked like she really enjoyed how much she got under the skin of the fans. She was a natural personality for this business and she will be missed.

Fandango (w/Layla) vs. Bo Dallas

Layla proudly has her rose with her as she and Fandango dance to the ring. This will be a rematch from Smackdown last week. The inspirational Bo Dallas comes out next. The shirt he’s wearing is soaking wet.

Summer Rae immediately runs out to the ring as the match starts. Nobody has time for any actual wrestling because Summer proceeds to make out with Fandango. Does that count as interference? Layla goes right after Summer and they go at it. Lots and lots of hair pulling. Fandango tries to break it up but fails. The two roll out of the ring, still going at it. A team of refs try to separate these two and are moderately successful at it.

Fandango goes back into the ring and Bo Dallas administers the Running Bodog. He goes for the pin and that’s all it takes to put down the man who upset Chris Jericho in his debut match at Wrestlemania.

Winner by pinfall: Bo Dallas

The announcers are a little too quick to call his streak and say that Bo is 11-0, but they corrected themselves. Tonight’s win puts him at 10-0. Shouldn’t Brock Lesnar be returning in the next month? He’s pretty good at ending streaks, could that be what does it for Mr. Dallas? Bo does his victory laps and I’m sure a future Super Bowl MVP is watching right now, absorbing the inspiration.

The first replay for this match is Fandango getting kissed by Summer Rae. That man gets paid to do that. Bo has a mic and the first word out of his mouth gets me busting out laughing. “Women…” This guy is so funny. “…they are mysterious creatures, but I know they’ll figure it out. All they have to do is Bo-lieve!”

Roman Reigns will be live on Main Event in a little bit. There’s an ad for the WWE’s work with Special Olympics. They have a television special in the near future about it. Did You Know? Total Divas is nominated for a Reality Show award at Choice TV’s first ever Teen Choice Awards. Yay?

R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. Rybaxel

R-Truth essentially raps the same intro every time. I’m surprised he hasn’t learned it by now. I think I could get behind Rybaxel as a legitimate tag team if they changed their look slightly. Maybe if they acted like bullies or something. They don’t give me much of a reason to care and that bums me out because I don’t think they’re that far off from it.

Ryback and Truth start out. Truth evades a strike in the corner and then celebrates by twerking. He then asks the crowd “What’s up?” They grapple a little and do some Irish Whips. Woods tags in and takes over. He tries to chop the big man but it doesn’t do much. After an exchange in the corner, Ryback uses his power and slams him down.

Axel comes in and keeps the momentum in his favor. He shoots off the ropes and delivers a smashing knee into Woods’ face. He does a chin-lock to slow the pace. Ryback tags back in and slams Xavier around in the corner. Irish Whip into the opposite corner and it was impactful. Ryback keeps Woods grounded for a while as well. Ryback stays in control until Woods kicks him down, but Axel tags in.

Woods is able to get Truth tagged in pretty quickly and goes to work. He strikes and dances until he sets up for a suplex that ends in a modified Stunner. Is there a name for that? Truth does a big splash into the corner that connects. He kicks, then DDTs Axel. Ryback stopped the pin attempt.

Woods comes in to ward off Ryback but gets thrown outside. Truth does a spinning kick to Ryback to take him out. Truth tries to splash Ryback, but hits bare corner only as Ryback moves out of the way. Axel then moves in and twists his head, planting his face onto the mat.

Winner by pinfall: Rybaxel

Ryback grabs a mic and has some words for Goldust and Stardust. He says that last week, they caught the big guy and the Ax-man off guard. Can “The Big Guy and the Ax-man” be their new tag team name? I’m about half serious on that.

Ryback says that the Rhodes brothers pulled off the biggest fluke in the history of flukes, then tells the crowd to shut up because they’re doing the “What?” chants to him. He challenges them to a match at Money In The Bank and he calls them hermaphrodites in the process.

The Ax-man then says “Stardust? Goldust? Who gives a crap?” He calls them cowards and says that when they’re done with them, they’ll simply be dust in the wind. He really drew out the word dust. It’s some good unintentional comedy, check it out if you missed it. There’s also two guys in the front row with some pretty funny signs. One says “Big Guy, Big Traps” and the other says “Big Necks, Big Checks.” Rybaxel high fives like champs in the ring.

Next up is that interview with Roman Reigns that’s been promoted all night. I don’t watch a ton of movies, but who’s the guy that’s starring in the movie that WWE keeps hyping, Road To Paloma? He looks like Roman Reigns. I guess he’s not, though.

Sheamus will fight Bray Wyatt on Smackdown. Renee Young is in the ring and announces Roman Reigns, who comes into the ring from the crowd just like he’s still in The Shield.

A clip is showed from the end of the main event of Raw last night. Kane chokeslammed everything that moved. Reigns came in and speared him as he stared down Triple H and Orton to close out the show.

Renee asks Roman about the Championship ladder match at Money In The Bank. Roman says that he’s a wanted man in these parts. Being in the middle of the ring feels like a trap. He cautions Renee to take off her high heels just in case she needs to run real fast. He is so concerned about the fairer sex.

Roman doesn’t care who’s in the ladder match. He names off some of the other fighters and pauses to name John Cena. Roman says that when he wins the match on Sunday, he’ll take his rightful place at head of the table. Believe that.

Renee then tells Roman that he overlooked a superstar when he was naming them off…Randy Orton. Roman calls him the most pampered spoiled brat baby this company has ever seen. He gets cheers for that. He’s always had people to watch his back.

Renee asks him about the demon Kane. Roman says that everybody is scared of him. He then asks Renee if he looks like everybody. He assesses and he attacks. He keeps repeating the assess and attack line.

Triple H then appears on screen. He repeats the assess and attack line as well and says that it sounds like he wants everyone to believe in Roman Reigns. But he knows a man that believes in nothing. That man is Kane and he will have to face him on Smackdown. Triple H says again that Kane believes in nothing and maybe Roman should get to know him right now.

Kane’s music starts up and he walks to the ring. Reigns stands his ground in the middle of the ring. Kane walks in and they face off. This leads to blows and Kane goes for a chokeslam. Roman shakes it off and is able to clothesline him out of the ring. They stare at each other as Kane signals for his pyro. The explosion happens as Reigns doesn’t flinch to it in the ring. There is silence for a moment and then Roman’s music ends the show.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

This show felt a little less important to me than it did in previous weeks. I liked Ziggler’s promo at the start of the show and the opening six-man tag match was good, but not great. They’ll deliver this Sunday, so I won’t blast them too bad about this match feeling a little weak. The Fandango storyline is dumb, but at least it was packaged along with the funny Bo Dallas.

Having R-Truth and Xavier Woods on is really what lessened the whole show for me. They’re booked only slightly better than 3MB ever was. Rybaxel on the mic is funny, so that was a positive. I like them as a team and if WWE would just tweak their image I think that they could legitimately contribute to the tag team division.

The Roman Reigns interview didn’t do much for me. It was too long. He still needs more time to develop and giving him that much time just to talk made me feel bored with him. Plus, the big run-in with Kane wasn’t that huge of a deal. I guess I need to remind myself that Main Event isn’t that big of a show and since there’s a pay-per-view this week, there’s plenty of bigger stuff to plan for.

Overall, this edition of Main Event was only lukewarm. I’m still excited for Money In The Bank, so this should be a solid week of wrestling otherwise. I’ll pick Kane to win the big match so he can lose it Bryan next month and Bryan can still face Lesnar for the belt at Summerslam. Personally, I want Bray Wyatt to win. I just think they’ll stay the course with Kane/Bryan in the title scene if Bryan turns out to be medically cleared for next month. I’ll pick Ambrose in the contract ladder match.

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