Money In The Bank PREVIEW


Live this Sunday, from Boston, Massachusetts, it’s WWE Money In The Bank! If you have the WWE Network, and you should because it’s a great deal, then join the party and watch as John Cena most likely crushes the hopes and dreams of anyone rooting for some young go-getter who could really use the bump. But this is a fun show just for the gimmick of the ladder match alone, so on with the show!

This is one of the big shows of the month, so both Mitch and Al (and also Rosie?) will give a full preview along with their predictions of each match. Expect us to be right, because we’re freaking brilliant over here.

MITB 14 Bryan Kickoff

Kickoff Show – Daniel Bryan Interview

Mitch: It’s good that Daniel will get some face time. He’ll address his feelings about being stripped of the title, I assume. My take on this is that if he doesn’t announce when he’s coming back then it’s kind of a useless segment. It will be good for him to get the crowd doing the Yes chant, though.

Al: You know what? I’ve actually missed Daniel Bryan. Wrestling is definitely better with him involved. I, Al N. Jaxson, will be looking forward to this interview.


Big E vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

Mitch: Didn’t this just happen last month? I like both of these guys well enough, but this is just a match for these guys to have until the writers can find a way to move Rusev up the company ladder. Big E used to move up the company ladder. He seemed to have promise, too. Giving him an American flag is an awkward fit for him. Hopefully the find something better. Rusev will win and hopefully Lana gives us a funny promo about how awesome Putin is.

Mitch’s pick: Putin’s main man, Rusev

Layla vs. Summer Rae (Fandango as Special Guest Referee)

Mitch: This is a pretty weak feud for this event. I don’t watch Total Divas because I don’t care about who’s dating the female wrestlers and it is slightly annoying that I have to see this on a pay-per-view. Can’t this type of thing stay on the E! network? Fandango can actually wrestle, why not let him? I’ll pick Summer Rae because she’s a lot taller than Layla and I think she’d win in a real fight between these two. Please keep this short.

Mitch’s pick: Summer Rae

Goldust and Stardust vs. Rybaxel

Mitch: The Rhodes brothers lost the tag titles shortly before Wrestlemania. I would’ve put money on them having a brother vs. brother match at Wrestlemania, but that never happened. Then, they kind of became irrelevant in the tag scene. They went through a period of Cody not feeling good enough and looking for a replacement to tag with his brother. He found that replacement and it is himself…sort of.

Cody is now in Goldust-style attire and paint. Is this a new chapter in their tag careers? My guess is yes. Hopefully they find new life in the tag division. Maybe that brother vs. brother tag match will happen at Wrestlemania 31, but it doesn’t look to be soon. The Rhodes brothers should win as this is their first real match with the Stardust gimmick and Rybaxel are kind of losers anyway.

Mitch’s pick: Goldust and Stardust

Al: Sleep would not be lost for me if I missed this one. I have to agree with Mitch. I was hoping for a brother vs brother feud. But that was not the case. Cody has found a new road to travel as Stardust. I do give him credit for trying something new. Not mentioning any names (KOFI KINGSTON) but it would be nice if other superstars would do the same. I’m going out on a limb and going with Rybaxel in this one. They need a push and this would give Goldust and Stardust a chance to feud.

Als pick: Rybaxel

MITB 14 Tag Championship

The Usos (c) vs. Harper and Rowan (Tag Team Championship)

Mitch: This rivalry has actually warmed me over on The Usos. I really like how they keep bringing it to the bigger, stronger, and way creepier Wyatt boys. They’re pretty fearless and I buy into the classic David and Goliath matchup that’s going on. In the grand scheme of things, I see the Usos winning this war. But for this Sunday’s battle, I’d like to see Harper and Rowan taking the belts and holding them until Summerslam. The Usos can regroup after a loss and people will rally behind them on their path to retake the gold.

Mitch’s pick: Harper and Rowan

Al: I’ll admit at first I liked the Usos. They are fun to watch and they can put on a good match, but I’ve found myself bored, quite frankly, with them. Harper and Rowan deserve to win this match. They have been standing behind Brays shadow for too long and it’s time they taste championship gold.

Al’s pick: Harper and Rowan

MITB 14 Divas

Paige (c) vs. Naomi (Diva’s Championship Match)

Mitch: Ever since Paige won the title, I feel like she hasn’t really gotten a chance to show off her skills in the ring. Most of her matches are short. Her submission finisher, the scorpion crosslock that she calls the PTO (Paige Tap Out), is absolutely brutal looking. It’s a better submission that most of the men’s moves. This match is set up from a recent non-title match between these two where Naomi got a win over Paige. It was the only match of Paige’s that I feel like I’ve caught a glimpse of her potential and I hope they get a sufficient amount of time this Sunday. The two can go. Paige is still early into her title reign and I don’t see this rivalry continuing, so she’s my pick.

Mitch’s pick: Paige

Al: This will actually be a match I’m looking forward too. I say “actually” because we all know women’s wrestling is always going to be secondary to men’s. But before I get chastised by all you ladies out there, I want to say how impressed I’ve been with the women’s division. Women’s wrestling has done nothing but improve and Paige and Naomi, as Mitch said, can go. I don’t see it as fair that Paige would be stripped of the title already so Paige’o is my pick ‘o.

Al’s pick: Paige

MITB 14 Contract Match

Money In The Bank Contract Match

Mitch: This is the traditional ladder match where the winner will get a contract guaranteeing them a title shot. They can redeem it in the ring at any time or place of their choosing. It used to be a sure thing that the winner would go on to grab the title, but no so much recently. (Don’t get me started on Damien Sandow.)

Bad News Barrett might be injured due to a shoulder injury on Smackdown, which is taped on Tuesday. It’ll be a few days until we find out if he’ll be cleared to compete on Sunday or not. He’s a favorite if he does.

Ambrose, Rollins, BNB, and Ziggler are the only real choices for a winner. Ziggler is long shot and we already went over that BNB might not even get to compete at this point. That leaves Ambrose and Rollins. I think you could flip a coin with them. I’ll go with Ambrose because I think he gives Bray Wyatt a run for his money as the best promo guy today.

Mitch’s pick: Dean Ambrose

Al: Now were getting to the meat of the ppv. The ladder match where the winner gets the golden ticket, the guarantee for a title shot . I’m not sure who’s idea this was. It’s said to have been Chris Jericho’s,  I’m not sure, but I love this. We’ve got some big names in this one. My favorite guy right now, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, BNB, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Kofi , and Swagger. I’m hoping for some good ol fashioned wrestling action. My pick for this one is Seth Rollins

Al’s pick: Seth Rollins

MITB 14 Championship Match

Money In The Bank Championship Match

Mitch: This is a hard one to call. Daniel Bryan was stripped of his title due to a legitimate neck injury and that led to the first ever Money In The Bank ladder match that will actually crown the winner as champion on the spot. You don’t get any more money in the bank than that.

I feel like Sheamus and Del Rio are pure filler in this. Cesaro still has some steps to go until he’s championship-ready. While I do expect him to have memorable moments in this event I do not expect him to win. Roman Reigns is a future champion, but it just doesn’t seem like they’re pulling the trigger on him just yet.

Cena, Orton, and Wyatt are more likely choices as I see it. I feel like Cena is always a potential champion in the company, so he very likely could win. Management always loves Orton which I don’t get. His recent title run was very lackluster. Don’t do that to us again. Bray Wyatt, in reality, should win it. He really is a young guy that is truly in a position to lead the company. I don’t see him winning but I hope I’m wrong.

Honestly, and I don’t like writing this, I see Kane winning. My logic is that if Daniel Bryan wasn’t hurt right now, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be fought over by those two guys. That was the feud we were getting before Bryan got sidelined, whether we wanted it or not. If in the pre-show Daniel Bryan says that he’s cleared to compete by next month’s pay-per-view, then Kane will win this match and the feud will continue on with the champion/challenger roles reversed. Maybe Bryan will win it back on a Raw beforehand, but he will get it back and be in the championship match at Summerslam.

Mitch’s pick: Kane

Al: Like Mitch said, hard one to call here. This should be a fun match to watch though. I agree that Del Rio is purely in this match as a filler, which is sad because he’s still one of the best in the company, in my opinion. Del Rio was my favorite for a while and still is one of my favorite wrestlers in the business. Will he win this match? Of course not. Neither will Sheamus. I see these two guys and Orton losing. I can’t remember the last time I have seen Randy Orton on screen and went “Hey! Look, it’s Randy Orton! I’m so happy!!! He bores me to tears. Heck, Batista has been more entertaining to me. So that leaves Wyatt, Cesaro , Cena, Kane, and Reigns. Out of these five guys, I see Cesaro having the least chance of winning. He just isn’t ready. He will be. But not now.

John Cena is always a safe bet. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter if he has the belt or not, John Cena is the face you’ll see on cereal boxes; he’s the wrestler all the kids know and want to be like. He’s the face of the WWE. But I don’t see him winning this match. But I would not be surprised if he did. He’s not my pick though. My pick is Mr. Bray Wyatt. He’s earned this victory. Roman reigns just doesn’t deserve this more than Wyatt does.

Al’s pick: bray Wyatt

In Closing, by Mitch:

So what do you think? Are we way off base in our predictions? Or are we spot on because we’re trained professionals at this whole pro-wrestling analysis thing? (I’m going with the latter.)

Check back on this blog next week for a full review by our panel of experts. In the meantime, check out all the current articles already posted up, like Rosie Piper’s excellent take on the Seth Rollins situation. Also, Mitch Nickelson published a book review in his local newspaper of an autobiography of the great Bobby Heenan. Read up, peoples.


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