What’s Up With Seth?

Rollins leaves shield

What’s Up With Seth?

by Rosie Piper

The stunned look on Dean Ambrose’s face as he watches Roman Reigns drop heavily to the mat while Seth Rollins grips the cold, hard, metal chair. The brutal beatdown Rollins unleashes on his former teammates, men he called brothers. The victorious look on Triple H’s face as he watches the implosion of the Shield.


Rollins has long been touted as the glue that held the Shield together. When it seemed like the tension between Reigns and Ambrose was about to break the team apart, Rollins worked his magic and weaved the trio back together. His walk-out during the Raw rematch between the Shield and the Wyatt Family served the purpose of re-solidifying the bond between the brothers. After all of that, his apparent betrayal of the group is particularly heartbreaking.


But is Rollins really a Judas? Was he planning all along to bring the Shield to utter ruin?

I think we’re in for a real treat when Rollins’ true intentions become known. I think he’s playing both sides, and neither side has the faintest idea that he’s working them over. Seth has always been known as the architect, and make no mistake, he’s crafted a devilishly complex scheme that’s sure to make heads roll when it’s finally come to completion.


So how will the Authority handle being made fools? How will Ambrose and Reigns react when they realize the destruction of their group served a greater purpose? Will they welcome Seth back with open arms, or will he remain their adversary? Will Seth’s plan backfire, leaving him on the outs with everyone?

I’m looking foward to seeing how things pan out. I know one thing: no matter what, it’s sure to be explosive.


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